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Foothills Celebration, Grass Valley HERE’S TO A LONG LIFE AND A MERRY ONE! W ORLD CLASS WINES ARE STILL being discovered in California’s Gold Country! But man does not live by bread alone, nor does the woman who has devel- oped a powerful thirst during a high Sierra outing. And that’s why there is beer! Not just any beer, but a beautiful array of golden, amber, rust and chocolate colored stouts, ales, lagers and specialty brews, all lovingly crafted and ready for you to sample at lively establishments like ol’ Republic Brewery or Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company. Or if you prefer the varied and delectable pleasures of the vintner’s art, we invite you to savor our region’s award-winning wines. You can do so in a dozen delightful settings, amid rolling hills on-site at the wineries, often while visiting with the winemakers, or right in the historic downtowns in tasting rooms located in Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee. Naturally, you’ll enjoy pairing favorite picnic foods with world-class “adult beverages” chosen from an enticing array of varietal wines or local micro-brews. You can chart your own course for the day or plan ahead if you feel like taking a Wine Trail Tour, catching a strolling, sip- ping and shopping event (Wine, Walk & Shop) in Truckee or enjoying Nevada City Uncorked, Foothills Celebration or Sierra Brewfest. It's easy to arrange your next visit around any of the fun-filled events in Nevada County. But don't wait too long–we'd hate to start without you! Wine Tasting / Winery Events GRASS VALLEY AREA AVANGUARDIA WINES: Premium blended wine from over twenty rare and exotic varietals. Tasting Room: 209 West Main Street, Grass Valley. Open Wednesday–Sunday, 12–5 pm. Winery: 13028 Jones Bar Road rural Nevada City. Open Saturday & Sunday 12–5 pm. (530) 274-9482. Upcoming events: avanguardiawines.com BENT METAL WINERY: “Wine~Friends~Fun” 14364 McCourtney Rd, Grass Valley. (530) 559-9533. Tasting Room Open: Saturday & Sunday, 1–5 pm. Sierra views, picnic items available for purchase, Bocce ball, gift shop. See website for events and winter hours. bentmetalwinery.com KATOA CELLARS: 14556 Powerline Rd. Grass Valley. (530) 272-9463; Balanced wines of the highest standard using premium, small batch grapes and techniques. Open Sat–Sun 12– 5 pm, weekdays by appointment. katoacellars.com LUCCHESI VINEYARDS & WINERY: lucchesivineyards.com MONTOLIVA VINEYARDS & WINERY: montoliva.com NAGGIAR VINEYARDS & WINERY: naggiarvineyards.com WINE & BEER Must Do! SIERRA VINTNERS WINE TRAIL TOURS July 15, 2017. Featuring Amour Prive, Bear River Winery, Fawnridge Winery, Lone Buffalo Vineyards & Winery, Mt. Vernon Winery, Naggiar Vineyards, Sierra Knolls Vineyards & Winery, Viña Castellano Winery. sierravintners.com W W W. N E VA D A C O U N T Y G O L D . C O M September 23, 2017. Featuring Avanguardia Wines, Bent Metal Winery, Gray Pine Winery, Pilot Peak Vineyard & Winery and Szabo Vineyards. sierravintners.com NEVADA CITY UNCORKED August 26, 2017. Sample local foothill wines and food from nearly 20 wineries and restaurants from 1–4 pm in historic downtown Nevada City. (530) 265-2692. nevada ]X[X\BQTHHSTNY\\][\˘BQTHTSVPTTSN L˂XZ[ ܘ\[^K[Z[H L$HK L H B [\N LLMHXۈܘ\[^K L B N \[H\[Y[܈܈][]B[\KY\\\ؘؘ[ ]Y\\\B۝ۈܘ\[^H\[\”B˜[š][X\XBHۂ BZ[ B[KXZ[ X\BZ][^X\ B ˂“ZB”˂”Y\H\›^RUSVPTTSN M Z[ ܘ\[^K L H M ̋[[ۙ^x$ќY^BL$͈K]\^H L$H ]H]\X 8$JK[^H x$HKYY\^\ˈ[^X\ [\N LNH\ [܈[H\[˜[[\[] ]\^K H XۚX\XB]Z[XKZ][^X\ BSHSQԓTΈ[][\KB]BLLHBHHHH“H H HHHB”]Y[H[ۜ]Z[XBQTHUёT]Y\  M [Y[[[\]YK[[Z]YZXܛ؜]\[^\Y[Kݙ\ [ XܘYYY\ˈ[X[\HYHوH\[X[\]\[ˈ $͎K]\X[[[[Z[˛ܙ‘ӕӈPQHSKS ؙ\  M \[K\Hܝ[\[\[\\[[H[[\ܚX۝ۂXYK L$H L H  L XY][][˘B NSSPUSӂX\  N H\][X]\[HY[ۉ™^\[ۘ[[\\Y] [H۝ۂوHۉ]\]Y\\]\[[[\Y\˂x$K L H ̋N MK۝ۙܘ\ݘ[^K