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EAT & DRINK G R A S S V A L L E Y / IKE’S QUARTER CAFE: B L 401 Commercial St., Nevada City. (530) 265- 6138. Delicious breakfast and lunch from scratch. Fresh local organic meats, vegeta- bles, and ingredients. Cajun specialties, burg- ers, house made desserts, vegetarian, vegan & wheat free options. Beer/Wine. Patio. ikesquartercafe.com KANE’S FAMILY RESTAURANT: L D N E V A D A C I T Y / Dinners: seafood, steaks, pasta, salads and daily specials. Full bar, atrium dining and summer patio BBQ specials. Vegetarian/vegan dishes available. Winner "Best Patio Dining" 10 years! Open 7 days, 8 am–9 pm. Tofanellis.com THREE FORKS BAKERY & BREWING COMPANY: See page 100 for complete listing. 120 E. Main St., Grass Valley. (530) 273- 8111. Family-friendly Original Joe's style: American-Italian, pizza, steaks, pasta, salads, amazing desserts. Newly expanded bar, lounge and patio dining. “Voted Best Fine Dining.” Happy Hour and Secret Pub Menu 2-5 Mon-Fri. Hours: Sun-Thur 11 am to 9 pm, Fri–Sat: 11 am–9:30 pm (call for winter hours), 4 pm to 9 pm. Music, Wed–Sat 6 pm–closing all year. KanesRestaurant.com LEFTY’S GRILL: L D 101 Broad St., Nevada City. (530) 265- 5838. An American grill for the casual diner featuring comfort food to eclectic–award winning grilled flatbread pizzas, salads and burgers. Seasonal menu and specials. 12 Craft Tap Beers. Happy hour Tu–Sun 4–6 pm. 2 Creekside dining patios. Open Tu through Sun 11:30–9 pm. Back room available for large parties. Catering. Live music. Follow on Facebook. leftysgrill.com TOFANELLI’S GOLD COUNTRY BISTRO: B L D 302 W. Main St., Downtown Grass Valley. (530) 272-1468. Long-time favorite Grass Valley bistro. 101 omelets, eggs benedicts and much more. Lunches–sandwiches, salads and burgers. P E N N V A L L E Y ty! Open 12–8 pm Sunday–Thursday, 12–9 pm, Friday/Saturdays. facebook.com/pages/Crazy-4-Yogurt- 319306247655. (Coupon page 160) THE TRUFFLE SHOP: 408 Broad St. Nevada City. (530) 265-3539. Hand crafted Belgian Chocolate Truffles, torts & other delectable desserts by Chef Willem DeGroot. Specialty coffees such as the Nevada City Ice Cappuccino. Open daily 11 am - 5 pm. Serving Nevada County for over 30 years. thetruffleshop.com Mexican MARIA’S: B L D 226 E. Main St., Downtown Grass Valley. (530) 274-2040. Since 1992. Prepared fresh daily from family recipes handed down from Mexico. Indoor and outdoor cantina and patio. Voted "Best Mexican Food" 15 years. Weekend break- fasts: traditional Mexican and American favorites. Mon–Th 11 am–9 pm, Fri 11 am–9:30 pm. Sat 8 am–9:30 pm, Sun 8 am–9 pm. MariasGrassValley.com Late Night Kane’s, Grass Valley IHOP RESTAURANT: 746 Taylorville Rd., Grass Valley. (530) 272-7928. Fri–Sat serving until 12 am. See American, page 98. Ice Cream / Candy SHIRLEY’S GRILL AT PROSPERITY LANES: See American, page 98. Open until 11 pm Fri–Sat. . BASKIN ROBBINS: 151 W. McKnight Way #C, Grass Valley. (530) 274-3188. Ice cream, yogurts, soft serve, smoothies, sundaes, shakes, mocha blasts, ice cream cakes for any occasion. Pick one up any time from cake case or order custom made. Open Sun–Th 11 am–9:30 pm, Fri–Sat 11 am–10 pm. Every Tuesday is Family Night 5 pm–9 pm. baskinr ؘ[˘BQHԒRTH USTSNYHYH L [[[ LN x$] PUSPPΈYHYH L [[[ LHHx$] ԐVH ST L L͈[Y\X[][YK[[^K L H ̋LL \[ޙ[[\]ݙ\ HY\[[]Z[XK\^H\Y\HXX[ B^H[\ܘ\[^BVHSTԒS ͌]]X\Y] ܘ\[^H[YH[\ L H L ˈ]][XX\ۘXHXYY^X[ ܙX][X[ۈوYY^X[Y\[ ^\HYZ܈[[[\YY[K\Y\TSP&TΈܛ\و]]X\ XZ[Y]ܘ\[^K L B̋NL Y][ۘ[ XX[H\Y\›XYHH Y\[ۙY^H]]X[]BYX][\Y]X\ˈZH][۸$] L K\]\[[ LB[x$K] LH[x$͈K[Z[]\]\[  LN[x$HK[\܈HX\X&\][[BH[]ܚ]H܈ YX\¸((((XZXY[ۙYH[\]\[[[H\XX[H[X\ۘ[Z[“]H]\XY˜HYZŒLLH[H ]YH]B˙X\X˘BL LKNLLŒL HHHHHY][ۘ[HB]Z[[ZBH\\™ZHHX]\[™XHBBH[HX[XHH B YYYBH XY HH  ٝKBKY[HBBH ][YYB]]H[YBYYBܚ\\][ۜYBX[Y[Y