2017/18 Edson and Area Visitors Guide 2017 Visitor Guide electronic - Page 8

SAS Find all the Sasquatch hiding on the pages throughout this guide! Throughout this booklet you can find Sasky the Sasquatch hiding on different pages — trying his hardest to make sure he doesn’t leave a trace. And just like the always elusive Sasquatch, you should always remember to not leave a trace when you’re out in the great outdoors. Your efforts help make a difference in keeping natural areas used for recreation cleaner and safer. Help minimize the environmental footprint of outdoor recreation. Sasky the Sasquatch promotes responsible recreational awareness by reminding outdoor recreational users to help minimize their environmental footprint. Go to www.welcometoourbackyard.ca or @ SaskyDaSasquatch on Facebook to enter contests and get more information about responsible recreation and Sasky the Sasquatch. The ‘Welcome to Our Backyard’ campaign, brought to you the municipalities along the Alberta Northern Rockies Eastern Slopes, is a reminder that keeping a clean and well looked after recreation area will ensure safe and memorable experiences for many more generations. Sasquatch & Partners ask that you tread carefully while enjoying the great outdoors. Photo by Lana Kirtley (www.lanakirtleyphotography.com) Check ou BFPvWFVg&VP6VV7F7F&R&GV6RVBb6VfB&W'FVƒb6'FRvBfBFRV7FRg&W6W"FR&WGFW"FRF7FW"( "e$U47WBg'VG2BfVvWF&W26Ɩ6VBg&W6Fǐ( "&V֗VĕdR'7FW"g&W6g&f66F( "e$U4B6fVVBvW&WB֖WFRV0( "7F&RFRFVƒ2( 2&VGFFRB&P( "66Rg&fW"SvW&WBFVƒ6VW6W0( "W6VVB6VV7FbvWFVg&VRvG0&V@F&R6W'fpW"6VG66R`VFRfW Fw2ƖfP7W6VG&*࣓R"֖W2 *6ǒvVBBW&FV@W"w&6W&W2TrF2vVVƖF2bУ@`f`wwrvv7FFW6WV6ФVG66&W232SB7G&VWBVG6 3b7G&VWBVG6ss#233S