2017/18 Edson and Area Visitors Guide 2017 Visitor Guide electronic - Page 50

WH Coal Branch Highway The Coal Branch Railway is now a chain of abandoned mining towns along the eastern slopes of the central Canadian Rocky Mountains and was once an important part of Alberta’s coal industry. Once the Branch was famous for its guarantee of work and overall prosperity. However, technological advancement outdated the collieries and many of the once prosperous towns are now abandoned. The railway was a link from Bickerdike (seven miles west of Edson) to the coal mining towns of the Rockies. S off Highway 16 onto Highway 40 Mountain Park Mountain Park used to be a thriving village of more than 1,000 people but now is a ghost town. Nothing remains of the town but faint traces of buildings and a cemetery — the highest altitude cemetery in the Commonwealth — that is tended by previous residents of the town. Cardinal Divide The Cardinal Divide spans the continental divide; one side drains to the Arctic Ocean and the other to the Hudson’s Bay. The Cardinal Divide viewpoint is a day use area with hiking trails that showcase much of the unique wildlife and wildflowers in the area, providing for a truly pleasurable alpine view. The Edson Fish & Game Association The Edson area is fortunate to have a wide diversity of Fish and Wildlife species which are valued resources in the historical and present Culture of the Community. Whether you are a photographer, a hunter, a fisherman, or one of the many who appreciate the opportunity to observe wild things in wild places, the Edson area can provide a chance to see some natures most amazing creatures. Pop in to the Galloway Museum and check out some incredible mounts of grizzly bears and bighorn sheep which have been incredibly preserved by local taxidermists . The Edson Fish and Game Association and Gun Club is actively involved in the conservation and responsible use of our fish and wildlife resources. Our organization works in partnership with the local trappers, biologists, enforcement officers and industry to insure that fish and wildlife remain a part of the landscape for future generations to enjoy. The Club is home to the Longest Mile Shooting range which attracts shooting enthusiasts from all over Alberta. Club members have the opportunity to develop shooting skills for hunting, recreation or competition at one of the finest facilities in Western Canada . For more information visit our website at www.edsonfishandgame.ca 48 www.gallowaystationmuseum.com Photo by Madison Sharman (www.leamanexchange.com)