2017/18 Edson and Area Visitors Guide 2017 Visitor Guide electronic - Page 46

ED The Edson ATV Club is a family orientated, not for profit group that promotes safe, fun and responsible riding on the vast trails in the area. The trails in the area span a wide range of terrains that can please the novice rider to someone with an advanced skill set. The club operates with a volunteer workforce for trail maintenance and funds from memberships, local donations and fund raisi ][ˈ\H\B]\[\X\]ٙ\ܝ[]Y\܈^HY\܈ۙ\\][ۈ^\ˈH[ۈ\XH\ۛH H\ۈY^H M[ٙ\]\HY[ۙ][ۜ\H\X\XܛB[[Hݚ[X[\XHH\H\]Y\\ܛ[X\[Y\X[H[ܙHZ[܈\K[\\XH]HYۈUX]\\H]\Z[ ]Y\[X][H LH]وYۈ[[HYYBܘ]H]˂\[^\HYۈUX[[\YH[H\ܝHX\H[HYKX]\Z[]\X X]][HX[[[و[]H[[HZ[YK܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[XZ[[Yۘ]XH܈[HYۈUXۈXX˂([Z[HܚY[Y ۋ\ٚ]X(B][H\\[ XZ[Z[[YZ[š[[\[HYۈ\XB(YX\H\[B(BZ[\Z[\[HYH[[XXH܂[Hو[Y\[HB۝XHYۈۛ\YZ\XH[XZ[ HYۜۛYZ\XZ[ B܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]HۛTYZ\œYHYH LK ˙[^\][ۛ]\][KBܘ\H]\[YY[Y[ޘ