2017/18 Edson and Area Visitors Guide 2017 Visitor Guide electronic - Page 29

HWY 748 18 AVE Vision Park 16 AVE 15 AVE PINECREEK CRES. Edson Community Garden AVE Parkland Composite High School 8 AVE Health Care Centre Emergency VE 7 A E 5 AV Library ium len Mil ark P d Re k Bric y wa Grand Yellowhead Public School Division st We 16 1 AVE h AY E W ON VE 5 A 16 st Ea h Hig AY E W ON ship nd e Frie entr C y wa VE 3 A e rvic Se nada Ca entre C ity un es mm rvic Co h Se alt He Hig VE 6 A n Tow e c Offi Town of Edson Public Works VE 5 A al dic Me tre n Ce VE 7 A Yellowhead County Administration Office Lion’s Park r nee Pio bin Ca VE 8 A VE 6 A VE 9 A Edson Golf Club Edson and District Recreation Complex VE 1 A E C RU or e it it Tak ave Le ST SP Legend Trails Hospital Visitor Information Fire Hall Post Office Police Golf Course Landfill Kin Spray Park Parks/Greenspace Points of Interest Schools Airport RCMP POLICE www.gallowaystationmuseum.com 27 4 A.H. Dakin School E AV Kinsmen Spray Park 8A VE 8 A E AV nd rkla Pa dge Lo E E AV 8B Place Pinegrove Middle School Repsol rift e tor 7 AVE VE 9 A AVE 2