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LEADING WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS & Business Owners HER BUSINESS WORLD GLOBAL RETREATS The Her Business World global retreats are designed to showcase women owned businesses and unveil the benefits of other women-owned businesses from around the world. We launched this international initiative in 2013 in one of the world’s most affluent and progressive countries for women business owners, Norway. Our 2014 Retreat was to Ireland in partnership with the Cork Foundation. The experiences offered through these retreats are based on the established principles of LWE: Innovation, Market Potential, Community Involvement and Advocacy for Women. The mission is to connect leaders globally so we can scale our companies and explore best policies and implement them in our own firms. By focusing on the LWE pillars we are able to learn about tackling best practices from a diverse perspective. In addition, these special programs are designed to offer invaluable once-in-a- lifetime business experiences to enhance and support the future of participants’ businesses. Among the many, benefits include: • The opportunity to forge bonds with fellow high level women entrepreneurs which have the potential to transform individual visions into a unifying force that can cumulatively bring all who participate to new and unexpected professional heights • Intimate exposure to a unique international business culture • Introductions to powerful international experts in the areas of finance, business, politics, education, entrepreneurship and community service • The ability to expand current business visions and embrace a global perspective Join Us In Our Mission Through Sponsorship Just as LWE benefits from strong partnerships with companies, companies also benefit when they are highly engaged with our constituents. A strategic partnership with LWE provides high profile exposure allowing you to reach top community business leaders, corporations and your customers through ongoing promotional opportunities. We provide customized a platform for sponsors to build long-term relationships with some of the most powerful women in the nation. It’s a win-win way to foster entrepreneurship and support the women who are making such a strong economic impact.A recent study indicated that 1 out of every 11 adult women is an entrepreneur in the United States. Women business owners contribute to the overall employment of 18 million workers and generate anywhere from $2 to $3 trillion in U.S. economy revenues. Join us in our mission at www.lweworld.com or info@lweworld.com PHONE 201-388-9624 EMAIL info@LWEWorld.com WEB LWEWorld.com Connect with Us Leading Women Entrepreneurs #LWE US Linked in Linda Wellbrock www.youtube.com/user/LeadingWomenTV