2016 Top 25 Celebrating the Unstoppable Program - Page 40

W o m e n ’s H e a l t h & W e l l n e s s C o n f e r e n c e 2 0 1 7 WEFORUM: ■ Promotes a culture of healthy living. ■ Strengthens the health and wellness of communities by educating and empowering women. ■ Attend WEforum Conference 2017. OUR PARTNER: ■ Monmouth Medical Center, a RWJBarnabas Health affiliate, offers more then 50+ FREE health related programs. we presents Change your life today F O R U M educate . empower . evolve ■ Programs serve nearly 100,000 participants. WEducate WEmpower • 47% of all deaths in the US occur from chronic illnesses. • Poor nutition and lack of physical activity are leading causes of chronic illness. • Change the health care paradigm and shift focus to behavior modification. • Women make 80% of all health care decisions for themselves and their families. CALL TO ACTION: WEvolve Attend WEforum ■ Support a community garden. • Think about what you eat and where your food comes from. • Understand the impact the environment has on your health. • WEforum Fit Crawl 02.04.17 • Cocktails and Conversation 04.26.17 • Women’s Health and Wellness Conference 11.02.17 PROCEEDS: ■ WEforum’s inaugural conference raised over $250K for MMC. ■ Funds support free programs that make vital health care information accessible to the entire community. ■ Volunteer and change the health of your community. ■ Email us at info@WEforumGroup.org. • Find out how to volunteer and change the health landscape in your community. • Email info@WEforumGroup.org. For more information visit WEforumGroup.org educate . empower . evolve