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LWEWorld.com I t was more than a decade ago in my career in the publishing world that I used to write articles about some of the most courageous women in the Greater New York Region. After each monthly issue was printed I tore off the cover and hung it on the wall next to me. Almost eight years later you can imagine how many women of success I was surrounded by. The truth is, that those women influenced me and their stories inspired me. That experience of profiling women has evolved into what I believe is my assignment in life and that is to continue to showcase amazing women entrepreneurs and connect leaders because they are the examples that will begin to change the world as we see it today. I have seen first hand the power of shining the light on these amazing women and also the power of us working together. From this, the Leading Women Entrepreneurs Initiative was born. There are several pillars of the program where women in business and corporate leaders who support women entrepreneurs can get involved including: The LWE nomination process, The LWE Media Room and Publishing arm, LWE events, membership, global retreats and the W.I.L.L. Fund. Linda Wellbrock CEO & Founder Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners 1802 Route 31 North, Suite 224, Clinton, NJ 08809 Phone: 201-388-9624 Email: info@LWEWorld.com