2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures On-line Catalogs - Page 17

Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunt #14 Based out of a comfortable lodge on Ugak Bay, this hunt, with an Alaskan Master Guide, is an exciting way to experience Kodiak Island, without the expense of an Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt. The racks on the H][HY\\[۸&]][Hو\\][HY\[]^B\HHܙX][[Kۙ][\[H[H[X^H]H\X]Z[HX]]Y[ [Y][ۈHY\[[HXHوH[[Y\XBX[[[[[˂^H ^ H]HXZ[Y\[ L  H  H KN ˜ۙ][\\˘BM