2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures On-line Catalogs - Page 6

Northern B.C. Mountain Goat Hunt #2 Family run operation, based out of a remote homestead in northwestern B.C. Hunters stay in hand hewn cabins, built by the family. This is truly an incredible hunting experience, with over 1000 square miles of exclusive guiding area. Horseback hunting. This is one of the easiest goat hunts that we offer, although easy is a relative word. I can’t recommend this outfitter and hunt highly enough. 10 Day 1x1 Mountain Goat $11,150 ($8000 plus $3150 T.F.) 10 Day 2x1 Mountain Goat Hunt $8650 ($5500 plus $3150 T.F.) 14 Day 1x1 Mountain Goat Hunt $13,930, 2x1 $9690 Add Moose or Mountain Caribou for $3150 trophy fee each Grizzly Bear Trophy Fee $6750 America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 6