2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures On-line Catalogs - Page 2

Shoshone Wilderness Adventures P.O. Box 520 Hamilton, MT 59840 john@shoshonewilderness.com Dear Sportsmen, Welcome to our 2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures Grizzly Bear and Alaskan Brown Bear catalog. From southern British Columbia, norto to Alaska and the Yukon, and as far west as the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, we represent the finest bear hunting outfitters to be found anywhere. Right now, in North America, there are probably more grizzly bears and Alaskan brown bears than anytime since the early 20th century. Even in the lower 48 states, where grizzly bear hunting remains closed, the bears are flourishing in the Yellowstone and Glacier National Park ecosystems. In British Columbia, bears numbers are escalating, as political pressure from non-hunters continues to limit grizzly bear hunting opportunities, despite burgeoning bear populations. If a big Grizzly or Alaskan Brown Bear hunt is on your personal “bucket list”, I would urge you to book a hunt for them sooner, rather than later. Anti-bear hunting is at the forefront of the PETA people’s agendas, and they are making strong political inroads. If you would like to talk about your options for a great Grizzly Bear, Alaskan Brown Bear, or a Russian Brown Bear, just give me a call. I am here to help you plan a great bear hunting adventure. Sincerely, John Andre America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 2