2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures On-line Catalogs - Page 14

Northern British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunt #12 This hunt is with one of B.C.s finest outfitters. The outfitter’s daughter, Renee, guided me to the grizzly bear shown on the cover of this catalog. Super nice people. If you can’t have fun hunting with these folks, you are in serious trouble. Cabin accommodations. Outfitter rotates areas he hunts, so that no area ever gets overhunted. Boat and hiking hunts. Horses are available for an upcharge of $1300. If you want a great grizzly hunt, this is one you should seriously consider. Excellent fishing available on this hunt, as well. 10 Day 1x1 Spring or Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt $11,600, with a $4100 harvest fee. America’s Premier Hunting Consultants 14