2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures On-line Catalogs - Page 5

Hunt Montana in the Fall for Big Black Bears Hunt #3 This ia a classic fall, spot and stalk black bear hunt, in beautiful western Montana, near the Clark’s Fork River. This is a five day hunt, with virtually 100% success. Good area for colored phase bears. You will be glassing huck leberry patches, where the bears travel from miles around to gorge themselves on berries, before hiber nating for the winter. Hunters stay in a comfortable riverside lodge, with home cooked meals. Lodge is lo cated about 90 miles west of Missoula Montana. Ex cellent outfitter. Outfitter is an award winning taxidermist. 5 Day 2x1 Trophy Black Bear Hunt $2800, 1x1 $3300 (406) 375-8400 www.shoshonewilderness.com 5