2016 Shoshone Wilderness Adventures On-line Catalogs - Page 21

British Columbia Trophy Black Bear Hunt, with Hounds or Spot & Stalk #19 This hunt is with one of the best big bear guide/outfitters in British Columbia. Specializing in quality hound hunts for big bruins, either the spring or in the fall. Based out of Kamloops, British Columbia, this area is great for both black and colored phase bears. Hunts are 6 1/2 days, and can be either spot and stalk or with hounds. If you haven’t tried hound hunting for big bears, you are missing out on one of the great hunting experiences in North America. 6 1/2 Day Trophy Black Bear Hunt $4150, 1x1 $6950 $1500 trophy fee on a second bear (406) 375-8400 www.shoshonewilderness.com 21