2016 Season Brochure - Page 8

A PRODUCTION BY CHRISTINE HARRIS AND HIT PRODUCTIONS EDUCATING RITA BY WILLY RUSSELL WRITTEN BY Willy Russell PERFORMERS Francesca Bianchi Colin Moody DIRECTOR Denny Lawrence PRODUCER Christine Harris ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Dean Drieberg TOUR MANAGER Maureen Thomas FINANCE MANAGER Andrea Tuckett What happens when Rita, a naïve hairdresser, meets Frank, a cynical, burnt-out English professor? She has a thirst for knowledge, but who ends up teaching who? Two very different worlds collide in Willy Russell’s charming and wonderfully entertaining comedy classic that has been loved by audiences for over 30 years. Francesca Bianchi (TV movie The Colour of Eden, ABC’s It’s A Date and Nine Network’s House Husbands) will play Rita alongside Helpmann Award-winning actor Colin Moody (STC , Belvoir Street Theatre, Bell Shakespeare and ABC’s Something in the Air) as Frank. Frank is a cynical, burnt-out English professor, who drinks far too much whiskey. Rita is a hairdresser and a bit naive. She has however, a wonderful and indeed desperate thirst for knowledge and she chooses Frank of all people to introduce her to culture. Frank soon discovers that Rita has a lot more common sense than the so-called educated class within which he moves. He begins to fall in love with Rita for her zest for life, her almost childlike qualities and her simple, natural intelligence. But Rita’s life soon changes in this new environment. Two very different worlds then collide, merging to produce a charming human comedy and a wonderfully entertaining modern day Pygmalion. DATES & DURATION Thursday 19th May 2016 at 8:00pm (ONE SHOW ONLY) TICKETS & BOOKINGS Standard $25.00, Concession $20.00 and Child $18.00. Companion Cards accepted web: KOORLINY.COM.AU phone: 08 9467 7118 email: ADMIN@KOORLINY.COM.AU