2016 Season Brochure - Page 26

MATES RATES The Koorliny Arts Centre is all about the community and coming together, so we are pleased to find another local business who cares about the area like we do. The Admiral Hotel is offering Koorliny patrons a value-packed experience when you come and see a show. $15.00 LUNCH AND COFFEE DEAL (Monday to Friday) 15% OFF MAIN MEALS (excluding specials) Why not make a night of it? Good Food, Good Entertainment and Good Friends. To redeem these great offers a valid Koorliny Arts Centre show X]YYH\[Y]B[YHو[X[ۋHYZ\[[\H]\]Y[HX\و[[B\XHYX[H[[HX\]XH[[K[[]ܜHXY\H[X\][[][]KH\H \\B\\[\][Z[KYY[H[YH HH\و][[\\ X[ XZ[\XK]B[^Y[YܝXHY[[وH[XX[Y]H\X][ۈ]^YY™^X][ۜ]\][[HX[[܈]ܙX][[X[\[[ۈ\X\[\K[Z[][\K