2016 Season Brochure - Page 20

A PRODUCTION BY CDP AND MONKEY BAA THEATRE COMPANY SNUGGLEPOT AND CUDDLEPIE BY MARY GIBBS WRITTEN BY Mary Gibbs ADAPTED BY Eva Di Cesare Sandra Eldridge Tim McGarry PRODUCER Suzie Franks TOUR MANAGER Nicole Eyles Presented by CDP in association with Monkey Baa Theatre Company, this exquisite new stage adaptation of the much-loved May Gibbs' books will spark the imagination and sense of adventure in 5-10 year olds and their families as they experience the timeless charm of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. The Gumnut babies are on a mission to see a human – but only in the distance! On their journey to the big city they meet friends and foes including Professor Kookaburra, Mrs Fantail, Mr Lizard, Mr Frog, Mrs Snake, Mr Possum and, of course, Little Ragged Blossom. Can Snugglepot lead the way? Can Cuddl \YH\›\O[^H]Y[[X[HHYY[XBX[\H]X [ݙY\X\YHYHۈYH\\™[H[\Z[]X[ۈ[X\^x&\[[Hۙ\[ܛوX^HX˂Y\YH]HH\\K[H[YH[[HX\HHH\Y\وHX^HXH\[[Y[]BܝY]H[\X[[H[X[BUT TUSӂ\^H Mݙ[X\ M] L [H[ L BPU S”[\ ۘ\[ۈ [[ N \[[ۈ\X\YXԓSKKUHۙN M LN[XZ[QRSԓSKKUB