2016 Season Brochure - Page 14

KOORLINY ARTS CENTRE AND LAUGHING HORSE PRODUCTIONS BACKSTAGE BY Pat Cook WRITTEN BY Pat Cook We all know that the real drama in a theatre takes place backstage and creates quite a comedy to watch! DIRECTOR Kelly Van Geest Adam Salathiel This has never been more true than at Theatre Baroque, where the star, one-time matinee idol Burton Cavendish, suddenly dies an hour before the premiere of “Don Juan in Clevel [ 'HۘH]\\ݙ\Y]][\\œ\Y]^KKH\X܋[ۈZ^ H[\YK[[]Z^]\^H][\ۈ[ٙYK[H[&][[[ۙH8%][\ۈ[\BPTܛ[H\[B]Y[ܜHX[ۜ‚]\HHܙX]\&\\\ܛX[K[Z^8&\™ܙX]\\ܛX[H]\H[X[HYܙY\ۛH™XH\Hܚ]X[[\[ۙH\H\Hۂ[XH[HHHܙX]X܋Z^][\\ۈ[\\XYH^H[Z^[YY]H[[\][\H ]H\BۛHXY]\وH[]ۙH[YHJBUT TUSӂY^H M][H] K]\^H M[H] H[ K[^H M] BY^H [H] K]\^H ܙ[H] H[ BPU S”[\ K ۘ\[ۈ \[[ۈ\X\YXԓSKKUHۙN M LN[XZ[QRSԓSKKUB