2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 26

presented by Klondike Institute of Art and Culture PO Box 8000, Dawson City, Yukon Y0B 1G0 www.kiac.ca KIAC Staff Executive Director: Karen DuBois Events / Festival Producer: Matt Sarty Programs Manager: Marie-claire Findlay-brook Gallery Director: meg walker Residency Director: Dan SokolowSKi Administrative Assistant: Robyn Olson Programming Assistant: Tamika Knutson DCAS Board of Directors Peter Menzies, President; kerry barber, Nicole becker, Gail Calder, david curtis, Blair Douglas, Pat Habiluk, CHRIS HEALEY Erika Marzinotto, cari tangedal Thank you to our sponsors Join us at the Keno Loung and enjoy your favorite craft brew or spec martini on the best patio in Dawson Cit Join us at Join Join usus atat tht Keno Lounge is open 2:00pm - Midnight and and enjoy your fav and enjoy your fav and your Belinda’s Restaurant isenjoy open 6:30am - favori 9:00pm martini onthe the martini martini onon the besbb Join Join us at th Keno Lounge Keno Lounge isiso Keno Lounge is ope and enjo Belinda’s Restau Belinda’s Restau Belinda’s Restauran and enjoy your favor marti martini on the bes Join us at th 24 and enjoy your favor Ken Keno Lounge is op martini on the be Beli Belinda’s is closed from 2pm - 5pm Belinda’s Restauran 800.544.0970 • westmarkhotels.com Keno Lounge is op Belinda’s Belinda’s is Belinda’s is clo Belinda’s Restaura 800.544.0970 800.544.0970 800.544.0970 •w