2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 24

DEMO TENT (Saturday 1pm-5pm) (Sunday 12pm-4pm) Bill Donaldson (Saturday and Sunday) Make your own handcut dovetail and see demonstrations of other hand carpentry tools and techniques. Jacqueline Clancey* (Sunday) Participants will pound flowers, in a design of their choosing, onto a cotton bag. Horst Berlow* (Saturday) Participants will learn watercolour techniques and take home a bookmark. Patty Jackson* (Saturday and Sunday) This carving experience invites participants of all ages to cut-rasp-file and polish Brazilian Soapstone. Cameron Walker* (Saturday) Collaborative drawing. Megan Smith* (Saturday) Get to know what zooplankton live in your river, see them up close and learn to draw them and turn one into a magnet for your fridge. Sarah Carlson* (Saturday) This interactive performance invites participants to talk to the artist about a geographical place that has meaning to them while the artist paints images on the participant’s body according to what is shared. Sandra D. Moore (Saturday and Sunday) You will create unique artwork with dyed and natural porcupine quills on birch bark. Jackie Olson, Sue Parsons and Leslie Piercy* (Saturday) These artists invite to you join them in creating an installation of bark, roots, and other found objects woven between living trees. Maria Sol Suarez (Sunday) Watch how a felt hat is made from start to finish, using steam and shaping tools to create an unique piece using traditional Millinery techniques. Additional workshops for feather pads and trim will be available. *Kid Friendly Activities! 22