2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 22

Interactive Projects and Installations (Fri, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 5:00) Mathias MacPhee & Matt Stoker Reliquary (Billy Biggs’ Blacksmith Shop) An atmospheric installation featuring a light sculpture and a multi-channel audio piece. Elements of the sculpture will be programmed to react to the audio piece, creating a sense of multi-dimensional narrative with sound sourced from the Klondike region and manipulated into abstract forms, coaxing out their inner music Kimberley Edgar The Practice of Decay (Riverside Park) Sculptural foxes depicting animals in various stages of death rather than the typically uncanny and unreal way they are portrayed through taxidermy Bo Yeung Bird Heads (Riverside Park) Wearable large-scale sculptural camera obscuras representing heads of a northern hawk-eye owl, whiskey jack, and raven will be installed in the birch trees next to the old bank. The artist will guide visitors through a disorienting camera obscura experience Steve Slade FREE Guitar, Harmonica, and Ukulele lessons (Gazebo) Drop in throughout the weekend for music lessons and jams. Instruments provided! Rhandi Sandford Interactive Puppet Theatre (Riverside Park) An interactive puppet theatre in which visitors can touch, and play with the puppets themselves Annie Kierans Cirrus - Stratus - Cumulus - Nimbus (Riverside Park) Lie down and let the motion of the clouds transport you to Mexico, land of the Mixtecan “cloud people.” Michael MacLean, Elizabeth Xu, Nate Jones Current Patterns (Riverside Park) A large-scale printed fabric installation consisting of a series of laser-engraved woodcut prints on fabric, sewn together to make approximately 40 feet of doublesided hand-printed textile. On Friday and Saturday nights (10:00 – midnight) a projection of the rushing river will appear on the fabric, illustrating the movement and power of water as an agent of change 20