2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 2

ARTS FEST Staff Festival Producer: Matt Sarty Gallery Hop, Sponsorship: Tamika Knutson Members’ Exhibit, DemoTent: Marie-Claire Findlay-Brook The Natural and the Manufactured: Meg Walker, NoÉmie Fortin Site Co-ordination: CFYT 106.9 Artist Market: Joann Vriend, Helen Winton Hospitality: Lulu Keating Program Design: Dan Sokolowski Illustrations: Robin Henry Thanks to all the volunteers that make this event possible! Yukon Riverside Arts Festival Committee Ange Bonnici, Gail Calder, Kimberley Edgar, Marie-Claire Findlay-Brook, Cynthia Hunt, Mathias MacPhee, Tamika Knutson, Bo Yeung ODD Gallery & Residency Committee justin apperly, Erica Barta , Jimmy Boddie, emily chudnovsky, Janice Cliff, Blair Douglas, Kim Edgar, coutney holmes, Mathius MacPhee, Erika Marzinotto, Cari Tangedal