2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 13

KEVIN YATES (Grafton, ON) Kevin Yates is known for his sculptural works, often highly realized miniatures, doubled to resemble a reflection in water. He likens his work to film stills: objects that hold a “pause” in space, offering the viewer time to examine and inspect. ROBERT YATES (Ste. Julienne, PQ) Robert Yates employs his film production expertise to create video works that first conjure stillness, then morph into multiplying or mirrored images The slippage between interior and exterior seems constant yet is impossible, since the images are willing to reflect layers but not break open to new ones below. Kevin Yates and Robert Yates began collaborating in 2011. They blend video, photography and mixed media to construct sculptural/video installations and site-specific projects. They create unnatural dream-like viewing experiences, with uncanny open-ended narratives. The works depict subtle intersections between natural and cultural worlds, leading the viewer to question perspectives and germinate new understandings. RUBY’S PLACE Mathilde “Ruby” Scott, a former Paris Madame, operated a brothel here from 19351961, finding a ready clientele in the seasonal workers from the dredge camps. Then, with both gold mining and the dredge camps in decline, Ruby was charged with keeping a bawdy house. Reluctant to face more charges, Ruby’s was simply a boarding house for the next 8 years, until she retired. Ruby’s Place is now protected and presented on behalf of Canadians by Parks Canada as part of the Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site. 11