2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 12

KEVIN YATES & ROBERT YATES | MIGRATORY (PATTERNS) Off-site Installation (Ruby’s Place) Project Statement For their off-site exhibition, Robert Yates and Kevin Yates made video-recordings of migratory bird species in Dawson City, and then created video wallpapers from which birds come and go. The wallpaper patterns are informed by decorative motifs once popular in the Klondike, including a wallpaper once used in Ruby’s Place, a historical Parks Canada building. The videos will be installed on two separate floors in Ruby’s Place. The footage will be edited so that a bird leaving one projection will arrive moments later in the second projection, and vice versa. Birds migrate across cultural boundaries as if all geographies are home. Through its bird-oriented contemplation of travel, migratory (patterns) presents a new contemplation of global connectivity and human migration. 10