2016 Riverside Arts Festival 1 - Page 10

VOLCANO COLLECTIVE (KAREN KAZMER & DEBORAH KOENKER) | NORTHERN HOWL: AN INSTALLATION FOR DOGS AND PEOPLE (ODD Gallery installation) Project Statement Karen Kazmer and Deborah Koenker have been researching Yukon life and attitudes through face-to-face conversations, diving into interviews and gathering stories. Their installation reflects their perceptions back to the community for enjoyment and discussion/dispute. Northern Howl will start at the ceiling with recreations of Ursa Major and Minor (the bears) and Canis Major and Minor (the dogs). They will populate the gallery below with abstracted sculptures and projections of wolves, dogs, and grizzly bears (a Yukon “species of concern”). Anecdotal stories, myths and tall tales (manufactured) of dogs, wolves and bears gathered from community participants will be included in Northern Howl as audio recordings. 8