2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 64

H I G H L I G H T S F R O M T H E NPAA OPTIMUM NUTRITION CANADA CLASSIC MAY 22, 2016 Congratulations to all of the amazing athletes who competed in the 2016 NPAA Optimum Nutrition Classic held in Calgary, AB on May 22, 2016.  After a very successful workshop season in Calgary and Leduc this show saw the largest roster of athletes to date from across Canada compete. 190 athletes graced the NPAA stage on the long weekend and the caliber was incredible. We would like to welcome our new Pro’s to the NPAA Family and congratulate all of the athletes who participated in this show. In bodybuilding, Jeremy Abraham and Gavin Lee (light-weight), and Brayden Foote and Gavin McAtee (heavy weight) earned pro titles. Brayden Foote went on to win in the Pro category earning his IFPA Pro Bodybuilding title. Masters (over age 40) bodybuilding category congratulates Philip Mateshaytis on his category win. In a very large and competitive class of figure athletes, Pro cards were awarded to Juli Sorenson, Christina Ward and Yvette Styner. The master’s figure title was won by Tara Koehler. In the Pro category the competition was fierce, and Julie Sorenson earned the newest IFPA pro figure title. Bikini Model Pro cards were awarded to Phung Nguyen, and Linea Tokarski (short). Phung also went on to win the overall bikini model pro title. In the tall category, Pro cards were awarded to, Brittany Darwent and Larissa Humber. First place was awarded to Master’s bikini athletes, Phung Nguyen, Alice Shin-Peterson and Lindsay 58. Floer, in the short, medium and tall categories, respectively. Men’s physique hosted our first ever Junior’s category and awarded first place to Levi Grisewood. Congrats on setting the stage for a new and exciting category. Fitness model welcomes our newest fitness model pro’s Stephanie Laurendeau and Brittany Gervais (short), and Fiona Groves and Dayna Wawro (tall). We welcomed a couple of double pros and new pros in the Master’s fitness model (over age 35) category as well, Fiona Groves, Stephanie Laurendeau, Sacha Stiles and Sasha Williams. Congrats to transformation award winner Melissa Gramaglia, as a mother of twins and overcoming a stroke, she exemplified strength and inspiration. Congratulations to Linea Tokarski on winning the Optimum Nutrition and Tim Dardis Photography Most Marketable Award. Individual coach of the year was awarded to Lisa Parker and Team of the year was awarded to Justin Wilson and his team at Impact Nutrition. These coaches continue to work with impressive athletes and demonstrate a large commitment to our sport. We were thrilled by the entertainment of our new Emcee Jason Zelmer, and can’t wait to return in the fall for the NPAA Canada Championships and Magnum Instincts Pro show!