2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 59

Hi Sylvea, congratulations on your win at the NPAA BC Championship, placing 2nd in Bikini and winning the first ever Magnum Carne Diem Model. Tell us a little about yourself, and how did you get here. Thank you very much. Well, I grew up dancing. Ballet was my main focus for 19 years. I had an ankle injury, which was the reason I had to stop. I wanted to find a way to stay active and to create a more positive body image. With the many years of dance came some unhealthy habits to be able to look a certain way. I am now a personal trainer, focusing on helping other women create a healthy, self loving, positive body image and lifestyle- it’s really all bout balance for me. What are your passions besides training? My number one passion is helping others reach their goals, be that health, fitness or life orientated. I think it’s so important to have something to work towards and to be dedicated to. What is a typical day like for you? A typical day for me is a long day! Generally I’m up at 6 to get my workout in before I start with clients for the day. I typically work until 8. My days are busy, but I would have it any other way! Once I’m done I like to have some down time before getting my meals organized for the next day. At what point in time did you make the decision to become a bikini competitor? I decided to do my first competition 3 years ago because I wanted something to focus on that was just for me. I always but others goals and needs before myself, which is great, but I also think it’s important to do some things for yourself. This was a good way for me to stay dedicated to making time for myself, and to get into the best shape of my life. It has also turned out to be a great learning experience for me. It’s amazing to see how you can manipulate your body into changing. What made you compete in NPAA? I wanted to compete with NPAA because I wanted to try a natural show. I also loved the idea of the “T” walk aspect, and how each competitor really gets his/her time to shine on stage. We all put in so much work and dedication to get ready for a show and I think it’s so great to be able to show off our hard work! What was the biggest challenge you faced in your journey to the stage? My biggest challenge with prep was keeping a good balance between my personal life, work and prep. Prep really takes the top spot in terms of priorities. Making time to prep food, get all my workouts in and still have time to enjoy life can be a challenge. I truly love what I do though, so it was totally worth it for me. What was the highlight of the show for you? The highlight of the show for me was winning the first ever Magnum carne diem model search photoshoot! I also loved how friendly everyone was right from the get go. Wendy, Kevin and all of the backstage helpers really did an amazing job of making every athlete feel welcomed and like a part of the NPAA family. Who was the most influential person in your life? The most influential person during my prep was my coach and best friend, Brenley Cunnigham. She kept me accountable and feeling good throughout my entire prep. She has always been my biggest cheerleader and I am so thankful to have such a positive person in my corner! What was your favorite body part to train? Definitely my shoulders and glutes. My shoulders have always been small so I enjoy building them, and which girl doesn’t want a toned rear? Any tips to give to people who want to start getting fit? My biggest tips for anyone who wants to get fit are: 1. [ق]\Y][ۈ\^K ]H][YK[\[ݙ\Y Y]8&\ܝ][[x&[ܚ\]]H ˈ\HH\ۘ[Z[\XZH\H[\ܛH\]Y[\K [[\ܝ[K[Y]H[[\[Y[H۸&][[H[[[H۸&] ^B]]H[[Z[[\[][H[][[H\H[ܙB[[^H\HB\[\]\[\][ۏ\^H[\\\YX][ۈ\ܝ\YZ\XKHZHY\[Yܘ[H[HYYYH^H[]][ۋ[H[XZ]YH[HY[]\[Hܝ[]H][HX\]ZHܚ[][Oܚ[][H\[X^[ˈHXYBYHY[YܝXH[۝وB[Y\HY]^KHYHو[ܙX][ܙX]X\\HB]HYHܙX]\X[ۈ\[\ [H\\HܙX]]H[YوY\[YX\܂ˈH[&]Z]ܚ][HYZ[[B]\HB[H]B[][œ\H][B]\O•[™܈B[\Y]ˈB]H]Xœ^H^\HX]YH\HY\][HݙKݙH][Bˈ[Y]H[[\[[[H[H[XHx'B]8&\H^\܈[O^H^\\Y\ۙ][ۚ[›^HH[Z[^H\\H]8&\[ۙ[[BL˂