2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 57

following their dietary and training advice will allow others to achieve similar results. This of course is not true. In addition to consistent training and eating, many of these physiques are not remotely possible without using anabolic steroids among other performance enhancers. This false advertising takes advantage of false hope among social media followers. Equally concerning is that these statements frequently include biased plugs for supplement companies with most products having little or no quality science behind them. NPAA: What are some of the scientific findings you have found describing consequences of anabolic drugs and other performance enhancers? There are countless studies, including many autopsy reports where organs (especially hearts) have been dissected in individuals who tragically died with anabolic drugs in their urine at time of death. From a cardiac perspective, the myocardium (heart muscle) hypertrophies to a pathological level reducing its ability to contract and pump blood efficiently. Furthermore, the type of tissue that grows is quite fibrotic. Picture an overcooked steak: thick, fibrotic, and difficult to expand and contract properly. Years of high-dose anabolic abuse produces these types of heart defects that unfortunately can persist after cessation of drug use. What is the result? Reduced cardiac output, which can significantly impact the ability of our heart to pump blood through the coronary arteries that supply the myocardium. In the end, this results in athletes dying prematurely of heart attacks and associated congestive heart failure. It is always very sad to see recognizable fitness and bodybuilding athletes pass away of drug-related complications before age fifty-five. NPAA Have you found that there are other risks other than cardiac? risky substances, anabolic steroids have become increasingly common in women’s fitness competitions. Side effects cited in the literature include ovarian and menstrual dysregulation, clitoral enlargement, facial hair, permanent voice deepening, scalp hair loss, acne, and aggressiveness to name a few. There are autopsy reports of champion female competitors dying days after competition of drug-related consequences, yet these never make social media headlines. The other serious complication for women especially is bone loss that is partially attributed to unhealthy dietary habits. Having just finished working in orthopaedic surgery where I witnessed numerous fracture repairs, my best advice is to preserve as much accrued bone mass as possible. NPAA What advice would you give a young competitor considering starting anabolic steroid use? It seems more and more competitors are faced with this cross-road in their career. Aric: My best advice for asp \[]\]]\\\YۈBX\[Y\[[\\Y\[[[ۙ\H[]Y\[\X[ ][[\\ YX\ZO•[[HH[^\\[[][[܈[[HHY\[™HHX[H[ܘY]Y\\X]Y]ۙ]\HY˜X\OY\[Z[[]\[[\\]Y\\H][HX\]H܈X\[H]\[X[[\K]X]\[\Z[][X\]XK[[Z[[B\[ۘ]HX][[\ˈ][][X\Y[B]\XY^[\[Hܛ\\]Z\HHY˜\\Y\\]YKH]HY[X]\Y[ݙ\ L XY^[B\Y\ݙ\H\[YX\[[YKHTK[]\B]^HX]Y\ZYZ[ NL] &L'H[ H]B]\XY[[XX\Y ]\]X܈[][[ \š[Y\ݙ\]KX[\8'\'K[[HH\œ]܈[\\\]YKH\[\H\Z[XH]\[KBXYH[^H]\\Y\H[H[\[Y]X]\˜[XY][][ˈ^H\X[YH\[[Y]BY[]\[X[Y\\\Y[YX\Y˂\XΈX][KH\\]Z]Hۙˈ]\YY\]B[\][]YX[Z[[XX\Y]H[ܙB[ۙHY[Z\\[H][YHوX] ܈\X\ۋ][\H\X\\]HY\Y[XX\Y[XYKYY\KHHY[[X[[X[\X]K[XX\Y\\\X\H]HY\\وZXYB[ܚ[Z[[Z][\˂PH]\X\]X[YYXH\][HH[XY\وX[BYٚ[H[X[HZ[H[[\]]ܜˈYHوX]H\Y[YX[\[Y[[XXXY]BH8''K]ۙ\Hۜ\]Y[\܈[X[Hܛ[ۘ[[[H[\[]H\H\H\]]ܜZ]HX]‚\XΈ[[\]\[XZ[[Y YH\ܚ\[ۂ]\]X[[\\[][[\HۛHHY[[قHۙ\وX[\Y[X\K[Y][ۈ\Bܘ\HN\H[ۘ\[XY\B˛[ۘ\[XY\KBLK