2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 56

#LIFETIMEDRUGFREE: AN EVIDENCE-BASED PERSPECTIVE ON THE DANGERS OF STEROID USE Aric Sudicky M.D. NPAA: Aric, great to have you contributing to our drug-free at our medical school in Calgary last summer. It is an exciting time for preventive medicine and the aim is to encourage other medical schools across Canada join our efforts. Exercise really is medicine. Aric: Thanks Wendy, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute and speak about drug free athletics. I am currently completing my Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Calgary, but am still quite involved within the fitness industry. The other project is called Prevention Rx in Ontario where we are evaluating the use of a five pillar approach to prevention in primary care. This includes a nutrition and exercise specific prescription pad with the aim of improving preventive medicine outcomes. organization. It is hard to believe we all competed together for the first time back in 2007, time goes by so fast. What has brought you back to Calgary? NPAA: I heard that you are involved with some interesting Canadian projects right now. Can you share what you have been working on while in medical school? Aric: It has been a busy few years to say the least, but I am really enjoying the work. I am currently managing two projects. One is the introduction of Canada’s first mandatory and longitudinal medical school curriculum in fitness and nutrition that launched 50. NPAA: Now to the reason why we contacted you. You recently released some information describing the risks associated with steroid use, what prompted you to speak up? Aric: Regarding steroid use, ultimately it is up to the individual to choose which route they prefer. However, it is concerning when fitness athletes with drug-enhanced physiques claim that simply