2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 55

By Julie Supple NPAA Backstage Director ge Experience MEMORABLE AND ORGANIZED SHOW DAY Top ten tips TO HAVE AN AWESOME BACKSTAGE EXPERIENCE: 1. Show up on time (at least one hour before stage) and get settled in your dressing room. Check in with security at the stage door. Hair and make-up should be done before arriving at the venue. 2. Share the space with the other competitors and be friendly with the other competitors – especially those who aren’t with a large group – make them feel welcome. Remember that everyone has a story and worked hard to get to the stage. (In addition, some of our special awards have a congeniality component; we pay attention to backstage etiquette). 3. When the team calls you to come backstage – please listen! We don’t want you to miss your stage time! This is when we’ll get you in line, and explain where to go on stage, remind you of T or I-walk, mandatory poses and ensure we ^H[\HܜXK HY[H]H]Y\[ۜ\ۙHو\[[PH\ x&[\\[\] ]H\XY]\[^\[Y[JK[[H]YHHH]]x&\YY][H^H[܋][\]]x&\YH[][\[Z] [۸&]ܙ][\X]B˂HY[x&\H\][[ݚXKXZH\H[x&]H\Y[\X]Y[H[\[x&[H[]Y˜\]H[H[]YܞH]Y\ۋ H]BY[\]]ܜ[ݚXK[[[8$[[H[YH^HJB H\]Hۜܜ[HؘHX\YHYB[\\ZHYHHHPH[\\]][\X]ܜ[\ܝ\BKHX\H\XXX\[H[YK\HB\YH[ݚYY X\Y\[\[ ]H[وH^KHPHX[H\HX[\ܙ]JBL HXݙH[ UHSBKH[[\ۙH\\[ZHوX\\BY] [Yܘ[KXXH\HH\Yˆ\\\ܝ[ӔPKH]H[\\][]][H8$ XZH\ \Z[H]KY][X\ݙ\[\Z]  ]8&\XHK