2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 54

THE NPAA Backstag HOW TO HAVE AN AWESOME, Photo Credit: Tim Dardis Our team, along with our awesome volunteers, does everything we can to ensure you have as stress-free day as possible. We arrive early to get the theatre and backstage ready. To keep the venue clean, we cover every surface with plastic, set up the trophies, and get all the prizes ready to go. The show schedule that is emailed to the athletes is posted throughout the backstage area. It is also recommended that you take a picture with your smart phone at the athlete’s meeting. We do all that we can to run as close to schedule as possible. Our volunteers are in teams: security, doping control, general help and “the pink ladies” who organize and help guide athletes prior to walking on the stage. Security is present to ensure that only athletes, volunteers and authorized backstage helpers are admitted. We try to make sure that the backstage experience is safe, fun and that we have record of everyone who is behind the scenes. What happens on show day from Arrival to Awards?: Check in at least one hour before your stage time (please note, if you are ONLY in the evening show, you will not be allowed backstage during the morning show). If you are morning AND evening show, please make sure you check in again for the evening show (you will not need to leave, just let our security team know) All dressing rooms are labelled: men’s, bikini, fitness and figure. Please go to your assigned dressing room. If you are in a cross-over (i.e bikini AND fitness model), choose whichever of the two rooms you wish to be in. We do ask that only one gender in the dressing rooms. 48. The pink ladies will be running around back stage looking for athletes. Typically, we ask you to be ready to go side-stage at least 15 minutes prior to stage time. Our team will give regular updates as to how much time till we need you side stage. Once you are side stage, ONLY the athletes who have been called and NPAA volunteers are allowed. This means your backstage helper can then go to the audience to watch. At this time, we get you in order of line up, and let you know what to expect on stage. (where to stand, order of events, where to perform your i-walk or t-walk. (you will have already seen this at the workshops and at the athlete’s meeting). Once in line up, our Emcee will make sure he can say your name correctly. We do all we can to make sure you are relaxed and excited to walk out on stage. Once all of the judging is done and all categories are completed, it’s intermission! After intermission, the awards go quickly. All athletes in the category go out on stage, the top 5 are announced and presented with medals or trophies, and photos are taken. Often times the top winners receive prizes from our sponsors. No need to carry them off stage, we have them waiting side stage for you. If you place first in your category, you will be met side stage by one of our doping control officers. They will stay with you until your testing is complete. If you are in a crossover category, and need to be back on stage right away, let the DC officer know and they will get you back to where you need to be.