2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 53

N STAGE FOR THE FIRST TIME washed it down with warm, lightly salted water as per coach’s orders. It was time for the fitness models to line-up and I was in the zone. On Stage Bright lights and an audience bring out the best in me. I was beaming as I stepped out on stage, heart thumping. When I saw the judges I got hit with a bit of nerves and my lips would not stop quivering! My number was called, I took a deep breath and strut out to centre stage. My brain was going a mile a minute, trying to remember my posing cues. Then it was over. I went back into line feeling euphoric, but with little memory of what just happened. After a short break I was back on stage for bikini. I had some water, a second cookie and chat-ted with new friends. The second time on stage was remarkably easier. My posing routine was better paced, my lips didn’t quiver and I stayed in the moment. I was really starting to love this sport. I was thrilled to earn first place in novice fitness model (short) and second place in bikini (medium). Winning first in novice fitness model, I earned the opportunity to compete in the open cate-gory that afternoon. I didn’t have any expectations, I was just going up for fun and the experi-ence. I was surprised, when I won and earned my NPAA elite Pro Card, yet I had visualized that moment so frequently it seemed familiar. As I posed with Dr. Kevin for photos, I could see my husband watching in the audience, beaming with pride. All of the training, dieting, the crying over pancakes, the fatigue, everything was worth it because of his look. That Evening After drug testing and backstage celebrations, I changed into a little black dress and we drove to one of my favourite restaurants. My husband insisted I bring my trophies with us, which helped explain my Oompa Loompa tan to onlookers. It felt good to be celebrating, it felt good to be done. I was already planning my next show. My post-show celebration included: 2 caramels, chocolate covered cranberries, half a small b Yو\[وHY\XZH\H^B]\]HZ\KHXۙ][\]™[\ Y[XYH[ܙx&\\Z\ \\›و[H[Hو]H^\X[BH^HY\HH]H]وHXXXK]\ X[KY\ۛHYH\وY\ H\]ZK™^]YY\ HY][^\[\Z\[ۈœ[^[X]\HX\Y܈ۙH[ܙH^HYܙB\[^H]\HY][\[Z[Z[[˂ٙ^\[X[[[[\\H\و^B[[YY\[H[H[HX\Y\ۙKH[۝[‚܈YK]\[^HY]\YۚYX[H\\[\[܈H\]][ۋHX[][[Hܘ][[YY˜[HX] HY[HYH^\ˈY\[۝˜ۋYܘ][][^\[܈]\H[ ]\[[[H]HX\\B \ZYZ[][][[ZY[[\[YYH[[[H[X\K]\HY[[[[[[ۘ[]KYH\[X]Y\[^B\]][ۈZY H\[[[Y\[[H\YH\^KH\ۙ\[YܙX]\]\HY[][ۋHݙHZ[[˜[HݙHX[H H\۸&]Z\[] HY[HܝHݙY HX[^Y]\[X]\\[ۋ[ܚ]Y\[[[K]8&\^H[H\][X\^HQH\ B[H^[[^Hۛ[HZ[[\[\^B[ܚ][\Y\XX[[[ܙBY[H[Y[]ۙ\˜X]]Y[[[H[X\\ܙX]\˂H[[\HY[]HX[K\K[[YY\[\˂ ˂