2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 49

Best type of photos for a well rounded portfolio. Your portfolio of photos should compliment your personality and the many different looks that you would like to promote. Photoshoots are a way to express yourself, but also a way for you to find yourself. You can learn many things about yourself by working with credible, experienced photographers. Your photos may serve different purposes, so whatever you are working towards, make sure you are researching the types of photos that are required. Ex. If you are doing the shoot to promote yourself as a fitness trainer to a large demographic, you are best to commercially advertise yourself in fitness gear and probably not going to want to create an add using a super sexy photo. But keeping it classy, you can also showcase your sexy side for alternate opportunities. Most importantly, do what makes you happy and find your beautiful in multiple looks. It’s great to have a plan for your shoot, but you don’t want to lose site of the experience and to take advantage of lessons learnt from the experienced photographer. Be open to being creative, make sure you get the shots you want, but allow yourself to try different things for the sake of creativity and finding your ‘look’. Biggest photoshoot mistakes - my tips for what not to do on a photoshoot: Do not act disrespectful: Show up on time. Show up with enthusiasm. Posting and social media is ok during the shoot, but do not waste the photographers time Do not try to control the entire situation: This is what you pay a great photographer for; their creativity and direction. Learn from them and see yourself through their lens. Seeing yourself as an artist sees you is such a beautiful part of the photoshoot process. Do not show up ungroomed or with competition tan: Show up with healthy looking skin, clean and flowing hair, professional makeup and manicured nails and toes. A competition tan can make you look muddy or can create a lot of editing, holding up the turnaround time between you and your photos. Do not show up optionless: Bring change options and collaborate with the photographer on what looks you would like to cover and the direction you would like the photoshoot to go. Again, get their input on what looks best behind the lens and what compliments your physique best. Something that may be ridiculous as street wear, may be awesome for photoshoot wear. Also, brining change options allows the photographer to choose things they haven’t seen before. It’s great to be different and uniquely you for your photos. Do not forget to talk about the next steps to follow the shoot: Remember that you paid for a service and that the photoshoot is just one portion of the entire job. Make sure to ask when and what is to happen next. When you receive the raw images, try your best to turn arount your edit picks as soon as possible. You want these photos edited and ready for you to put them to work for you asap. What sponsors really want to see. Now that the shoot is over, the real work begins. It is not up to everyone else to make sure your photos are seen. It is up to you to take these photos and put them to work! Those companies that you researched before the shoot and the publications you admired…. now is the time to reach out to them and show them you mean business. Submit your professional portfolio to these companies, publications, editors, marketing coordinators and any contacts your photographer was so kind to forward on to you. However, do not just forward your beautiful portfolio. You will stand above the rest if you can contribute a fun article, a reason why you are a postitive presence in the industry or how you can benefit a company and background information on your healthy YK]XZ\[HY\[]XZ\[H[][]]\[H[]XZ\[B[\ۈ[\]YH[[[[\[\]Y[\[[]][BܛHܛX[\ܚ[˂۸&]\XZ][ܙ]X]] H\\\[\ܝ[\B[]X[XZ\[ۋ\[ YHXX][ۈ܈\[HYYH[X[[[\XZ\[ۋ\™܈YYXˈH[ۛH]]\H\HH\XZ] X^XH]\˜Y[Z[[H\ۈۈB\[\\۸&]XH]H[\XZ\[ۈH\˂[H[HYX[\[\˂ۜ\[H\^KY[[\YH\ ]H\HXXBXZ\ܙ\[[\\[ۈ[ܙX]H][Y\܈[H\^BY][H[ܙ\YH]\›[Y[ [[Hۜ\[H]B]][H[[H]XZ\ž[H\K[HZHXK۸&]ܜKY][Y\H^[ٙ\HܛB][H]\[XY[YHY\[\Z[[ܝ[]Y\]YB[\^H[[[\ܝ[K^BYH[HB^HXH\\Z[HΈ B\]Z[XH[HU[\[[X^ۈX\]܈ۛH NHB][\[X^ۈГ“^H[^[][H܈ LY\ۈ]Hž[H\\H]Xܙ]]\B\H[]H˂HY][ۘ[H]HHYۚYX[[[[و\ۈ]X\Y[H]\[\B܈[]YX[\HY[˂]8&\[8'Z[H8'H[][\Z[HHHZY[H˜[[ۙx&\\Y\ ˂