2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 46

100 T I P S HEALTH, FITNESS & COMPETING Chuck Thomson is Natural Bodybuilding’s Iron Man of Competing. After achieving the incredible goal of doing 100 shows, we asked Chuck to share his top 100 tips about health, fitness, and competing. Chuck exhibits incredible sportsmanship, and with his level of knowledge, the NPAA is so grateful to share this article with the NPAA fit family! 1. follow your passions. 3. You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought 21. Too hard to hold the contest day look and important to have some payback to the body for what you have done to it to get ready for the show . 4. make sure that you make lists during contest preparation 22. enjoy the show day experience, each one is unique 5. pack everything in gym bags for contest: 1 for all of your contest stuff, 1 for food, 1 for clean clothes, and 1 that contains cleaning products to clean up after yourself, 23. have a strong support system 2. keep a positive mental attitude 6. don’t apply Pro-tan with the foam brush that comes with the bottle (40 min./coat). Use a kitchen sponge which goes much quicker and fewer streaks (5 coats in 40 min.). 7. drink water on the day of a show 8. no need to cut water before a contest 24. listen to your body 25. the people who make it to a show are the survivors, and have overcome all of the obstacles that were in their path, thus it doesn’t matter whether you are first or last in the show you have survived whereas the people that didn’t compete fell by the wayside on their journey. 26. surround yourself with positive people have a high NMA (neuromuscular activation level) 38. the best exercises are the ones that move the body through space. 39. more is not always better. 40. first or last you are farther ahead of all of those who never made it to the show. 41. have a healthy attitude towards your body. 42. the mind will quit a thousand times before the body ever will. 43. each new day provides us with challenges obstacles, and adventures. 44. the more variety of food choices the better it is. 27. pack only the essentials in your competition bag that you take to the show. 45. there are no magic foods. 9. stick to your meal schedule on the day of a show 10. only bring dark clothing and towels to a show. 28. a shower on the morning of a show is awesome 47. we have the most expensive urine in the world. 11. yellow is a terrible suit color for posing trunks 29. carbs need water in order to migrate into the muscles to make them fuller. 12. payback to the body is necessary for the mind and body 30. each molecule of glycogen (stored form of carbohydrate in the body) is bonded to 2 water molecules. 48. wheth \]\[\ \܈ L [HX\HX][\[\[H\^KL˂HHX[][ۈو]KXX[[]\\H^[[\[]ܜŒM H[][HXY[\B\\\[H܈HXX[^BMKH[^\]HHX\[Z]MHY[HX]ۈHY][Y[X\ B^H\[ YZ‚M˂\[\\[H\B]\[\ܝKH]Z\ L\ZY]HBK̋H]\[XZ[[\HY\[B[K˂HH[[Y[HYY[\\›]YHوXZ[[ HY\]]\[]\BHH[[][]B˂ HHۛHXYX[XZ[[\\ܚ˂KHY[H\HX[H[[HYY \Y\H܈H \\BXH[܈]H[[[܈BXۙ\H\[]\]BXٙL H[X[Z[\H\XHق][]\[\Z[\H\Y]^KH[ۛH\ۈۙB[]H[YH]H[]]ZXHH\\ LKH[H[[][][H[[H\[&]]\][˂KH]\H[H][HYY]ۈ[\\^H]XZ\]ܝ[KLHHH[H[ZH\Hܝ[Q8&\X]Z\H[KNKH[^\H[H]\\YX\[[H\H\YX\͋HH\ܙ\][HXYH\[[HZ[Y [Y\HYZ[[H\Y H]\HX]\وXY][H[‚˂H[X\[[ݙ[Y[]L˂HHZHHYZٙY\ LYZقZ[[\^\\H\\[\ܝ[\ܚ]^\[]\Hܚ\Y[[\Y[YKN H[][\YZZ[[ۂ[^B ]]\^YY[[B