2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 41

Buy a small George Forman type electric grill. If you don’t have the luxury of a kitchen in your accommodations, you can still cook your own lean protein that you’ve purchased from a local market/grocery store. Request that the bar fridge be emptied in your hotel room. This will give you room to store the fresh fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc that you purchased locally. Request that the hotel send a microwave up to your room. Most hotels will have a selection of microwaves on hand for this very reason. Now you can bake a sweet potato, or heat up that extra grilled chicken breast you ordered from the restaurant last night. You can even cook eggs in a microwave. Yvette prepping her food in the hotel before heading to a tailgate party & NFL game; 1 week out from competition. Bring sandwich baggies from home with you. Bag up snacks (almonds, veggies, etc that you purchased) when you’re heading out for the day. Also, have a few empty baggies in your purse so that when you are eating out, you can ask for an extra chicken breast or baked fish fillet. Stored it in the cleared-out bar fridge back in your room for tomorrow’s lunch. Baggies are also great for taking a little extra fruit, fresh veggie sticks, hard boiled eggs, etc from the morning buffet for your next snack. Yvette prepping her food in the hotel before heading to a tailgate party & NFL Quick Travel Sandwich baggies Plastic utensils Packing List Protein powder Protein bars Shaker cup Small insulated cooler bag Poolside with insulated lunch bag, shaker cup and protein powder – Yvette’s travel staples. Ultimately, your vacation is a time to decompress. You should feel free to relax and indulge enough to enjoy yourself, but take well enough care of yourself that you feel good, thereby adding to the enjoyment of your trip. It’s all about balance for you. The best timing might be to travel during off-season. However, if you find yourself travelling during comp training, there are things you can do to stay on track. As the saying goes; where there’s a will, there’s a way. Yvette Styner, CHN Certified Holistic Nutritionist & NPAA Elite Pro Figure and Masters Fitness Model Athlete 37.