2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 35

ms Candice Vetor What motivates you to live this lifestyle? The thing that motivates me is growing as a person. Everyday I learn something new about myself.  My journey is filled with variety, everything from trying new and unusual recipes to hitting a new PR in the gym. I have learned that whatever I put my mind to I can accomplish. I want my family, friends and complete strangers to look at me and know that they too can achieve similar results with a plan and consistent effort. What would people say is your best instinct or attribute? My best attribute is my work ethic.  When I’m passionate about something I become almost obsessed, I strive to make the people that support me proud! What advice do you have for models starting out in this sport?? TRUST YOUR COACH! I remember the first time I was told to carb load during peak week. I was literally staring at my coach thinking…”my Goodness, this woman has lost her mind!” Little did I know that she was a carb loading genius.  After all those yams I woke with a 6 pack and no complaints. I would also tell others to enjoy the process. I’m not saying every moment is going to be rainbows and unicorns but wake up every day and know you’re doing something that most people wouldn’t dare try. Get excited for your body to change.  You’re going to grow physically and mentally as a person. If you were given a superpower for one day what superpower would you choose and why? Only one day?! Well I think this is self explanatory, (don’t judge me lol) but I would have the ability to eat and drink whatever I wanted without getting full or gaining a pound. Look out Craves Cupcakes, I’m coming for you! 31.