2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 27

SAMPLE PROTOCOL back sets: Exercise 1 Overgrip lat pull down reps: Exercise 2 Underhand grip reverse pull down 4 15,12,8,20 r e s t: 1. 2. 10 seconds between sets biceps Exercise 3 Dumbell bicep curl Superset Exercise 1&2 Superset Exercise 3. 4. 3&4 triceps Superset Exercise 5&6 Exercise 4 Cable bicep curl Exercise 5 Tricep Cable rope extensions 5. 6. There is no doubt that the bikini and fitness model world is obsessed with building the perfect posterior, attaining shoulder caps that are enviable and a core that jaws drop for. The icons in the bikini industry flood our social media imagery with gym selfies at the squat rack, yet a little secret about their true training protocol is often ignored nor advertised to the masses. Yes a pro level bikini model trains her glutes, hamstrings and quads often to the point of hobbling home after the gym….but what about arms day? A top-notch bikini competitor must work hard to balance great shoulders and a glute shelf with incredible arms, and they must train to create the illusion of sleek curves by developing a delicate balance of defined back muscles. Exercise 6 Tricep dumbbell kickback Our most marketable BC athlete for 2015, Marina Zimmerman, is the perfect example of a balanced physique. Here she demonstrates what we call “The bread and butter ܚ]8'H ]\)HYX][Y]]\ܚ] HوZ[[HܙX]X[\\B\\[\Kܚ[YH\X][ۂو\ܘ[H[^\Y[\[]^H[B\8'\\'H^H\[ۜ˕Hۙ\[[X]\ܛ\[و^\\\\H[[]HX[]Y\˂[]Y\\Yۚ[H\\H\HX[H[X[] \\] Y]܈]\H]Y\H\[\[\\[YY]H[وHXYX]]Kݙ\[]H[HHܝ\YZ[ܙX][[Y\\]Y\ۈHPHYK˂