2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 21

H I G H L I G N P A A H T S F R O M T H E M A G N U M CANADA CHAMPIONSHIPS & INSTINCTS PRO SHOW A beautiful fall day welcomed all of the athletes to the University Theatre for our annual Canada Championships and NPAA-Elite Pro show. The crowd enjoyed the entertainment of our Emcee Kevin Friesen and his stage "games". Magnum Nutraceuticals sent over $20,000 worth of prizes and swag to be awarded to the natural athletes of our federation. Approximately 1000 spectators attended the sold out event to cheer for the top natural athletes of our nation. Our show paid tribute to Kamber Lindenbach, a competitor, coach and icon in our industry. She and her partner passed away during the summer and our Heart Award was named in her honour. The love that she brought to our community was reflected in the tribute her friends and family made to her at our event. She may be gone but will never be forgotten. Congrats to heart award winner Neesha Jakubowski. Neesha had overcome so much with regards to her health to make it to the competition stage. The heart and spirit that Neesha exemplified truly made her worthy of winning the Kamber Lindenbach Heart Award. We would like to welcome the NPAAElite Pro’s who joined our NPAA Family and congratulate all of the athletes who competed in this event. In bodybuilding, Anders Kronstedt (light-weight), and Lloyd Visser, and Joshua Hibbert (heavy weights) earned pro titles. Lloyd Visser went on to win the overall bodybuilding title and his IFPA pro card. A special award was given to Masters (over age 40) bodybuilding competitor Chuck Thompson on achieving the 100th show in his bodybuilding career. Chuck did an impressive collection of guest posing routines and was crowned the title of bodybuilding iron man. Great work Chuck, you inspire us all to reach for H\B[H\H\]]]H\وY\B]]\\\H]\Y’]Hܘ[Y\[YH\[XXBY[[\K]Hܘ[Y\[ۈ[[HX\\Y\H]YܞH[[ۈHY\H[\[ۜ\™X\[\QHY\H]KZ[H[[\\H]\Y\^H YY[[[X\[Ո  MBX[[\ۋ\^H[ۂ[HZ[H]H[H[[œˈ\XH\]\Y“X\\&\Z[H]]\\HZX[Y[[YHܝZX[[Hܝ[[]YܚY\\X][K]\[[[Y\\]\]\[[]^H\\ [YY^Z[]\H^[܋]^B\\[[ۈ[H‘]\[[]YܞH[X\Y\QH]\[[\ H[ZH[ۙܘ][]HX\\&\]\›[[[\ ݙ\YH JH\[[^[\Y[&\\\]YH]H[X[ۂوHX\\&\ ݙ\YH H]YܞKH[ZHۙܘ][]HY\[ۈ\]YܞH[H[ZHœXۚ^HH[\و[Y[&\œ\\]YK]ۈY\\[[B[Z[Y[Y]ۈ[[[Hܝ]YܞKH[]YܞB[\\K[ۜ[\\]XZ[\ۙH\\ۙܘ][][ۜ[ۜ[\ۈHQHY[&\\\]YB]HY\[[[H]HYZ[\\]YH\]]܈]ۈY\™܈Hݙ\[ N