2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 13

Y O U R C O V E R M O D E L S I’m just a regular small town guy with big dreams. I grew up in Duchess AB, a small town outside of Brooks. I was very competitive while playing sports growing up, which eventually lead me to the gym. Wanting to be the best athlete I could, I trained hard in the gym starting in junior high. As I worked out I found myself fascinated by how the human body can adapt to exercise given the right physical stress. This eventually led me to take my B.Sc. majoring in Exercise Science at the University of Lethbridge. I became obsessed with learning the mechanisms behind the body’s ability to adapt to physically stress, applying that to my training to sculpt my body. After University I started looking beyond exercise to a more holistic view of health. I didn’t want to just be fit, I wanted to take control of my physical and mental health. I soon after started Sophrosyne Wellness Consulting, to teach others how to manage their health through lifestyle coaching, diet and exercise. During this time I competed with NPAA winning the PRO show and was given the opportunity to travel to Washington DC to compete internationally in the IFPA Yorton Cup. Since then I have settled down in Calgary, and worked to grow my company by providing others with what they need to accomplish their goals. Why do you compete with the NPAA? I compete with the NPAA because I am a natural athlete that was looking for a federation that supported natural and healthy ways of competing. As I continued with the NPAA, I became a member of a supportive community of other like-minded individuals. Through this platform, I have formed lasting friendships with other athletes at the shows and on social media through the hashtag #NPAA. The community that the NPAA has fostered, allows athletes to support each other through the process of contest prep, when training and dieting becomes difficult. What did you enjoy most about your experience and how did competing complement your current lifestyle? NATHANIEL ERNST Competing complimented my current lifestyle by offering something to w ܚ\ˈY]^B[YH\][x&]HX\Y]XX]^\[\X[H[Y[[NH\[^HY[[\\[HHZ[[ۈH[ܚX\X[ۋY[Hܘ][[ۜ[HZ[[\YH[X[Bˈ\]][ۜ\YY][][[ܙB[XXKHX[]HX\X]^\[H]HZ[Y\X]HوH[H\H\ۋ[]HY[]H[H\XHو[H[Z]H[ ]ܝ[]Y\\H܈[HY\\][Y\^H\\]][ۋHYHܝ[]H˜\]H]H[\][ۘ[Y\][ۈو\\]YB]]\ QJH]H[ܝۈ\[\[ۂˈH\][H[H][[H[]HݙKX܈YH\HX[HYHYK\][[]HYHHܝ[]Hܛ›^H\[\ [H[\ۜ[[H[\X\^\[\HXY\[H]\[\K\\YH\[H[\HPH\ܝ[˜[Y\\[Z\]]\][]\[ۙH\]X[ܝ[]HXYY [HH[\H܈[]]O’HH[\H]\[ۙH]XYHX[BY\[H[[ܚ\H[ق\[ۈYK]\[x&]H]YHX[BY\[H[\HYK܈]\[x&]HXYBHX\[ۈ[H[\YHHZ[۝ق[\[\X[H[Y[[KY][Y\H[[Y][Y\B۸&]XZH\XH H[HB[[]Y\H]]YY\™[H]H܈XZ[H\ق\][]]H[X[O‚ܙY]X[YBX\[[]Y]ZY]Xނ\][\]\X]][\XH܂YKH؝[\H[Y[[ܚY\\] ]^HY\ۘ\\][B[܈^\[\X[H[Y[[K[[ܝ\[] x&]H[ݙ\HYX\]Yx&[Bۜ[H\\[^\[\x&[]\B\H]^\[]Z[ZY HZHH\X˜Y\]\H[[[^H^HXZۙ\\[][\Yۈ] ^HXZ[\\۝[YBܛ\[]]H[\H\ۋH[Y]H\›ۙ\H\ۈۜ[ܛ \][[۝[YHHHX[H[]]H^\Y[KL