2016 NPAA Magazine 2016 - Volume 1 - Page 12

U P C L O S E W I T H A L I C I A TE N A C H I E SA Photo Credit: A JKPhotography - Ashlee Krutzfeldt Why do you compete with the NPAA? I compete with the NPAA because I love the fact that is a natural federation that promotes health and wellness. What opportunities arose for you after competing? What did you enjoy most about your experience and how did competing complement your current lifestyle? What I enjoyed most about competing with the NPAA were the amazing friends I made along the way and the non-competitive atmosphere both on and off stage. I have met so many great people through the NPAA and have been blessed with so many great experiences since competing. Competing was something that I dreamed of doing for years. Fitness had been a part of my life for a long time and competing seemed to be the next natural step. Once I made the decision to prepare for my first competition, I upped my workouts to 6 days a week and followed my diet to a tee. I also started working as a personal trainer again and adopted a healthy lifestyle year round. After my first competition with the NPAA, I was able to secure a sponsorship with Magnum Nutraceuticals and MuscleRich Apparel. I had my transformation story featured in Inside Fitness and my competition photo in Natural Muscle Magazine. I got the opportunity to travel to and work at the Olympia in Las Vegas with Magnum Nutraceuticals. I was welcomed into the NPAA family and have since presented trophies for them, guest posed at workshops and now been featured on their magazine cover! Who do you hope to inspire or motivate? I hope to inspire, motive and empower other females. In this generation, there is so much pressure on females to be “perfect” and present a certain image on social media. I want to be real and share my ups and downs, highs and lows and encourage people to never give up on their dreams. I am proof that you can turn your life around and get whatever you want out of life if you are willing to work for it. I want to inspire females to love themselves and their bodies, flaws and all, and motivate them to take care of their bodies and minds. How do you cope and goal set after a show, what strategies do you have for making the process of competing positive and healthy? 9. Sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t make first place? I am proof that winning or even placing in the Top 3 at a show is not everything. After taking fourth place in my first show, I decided that I was still going to chase my goals of being sponsored and being in a fitness magazine despite my placing. It is a misconception that you can’t get a sponsorship or be in fitness magazine if you don’t win a show. It is much more important to market yourself and take advantage of promoting yourself via social media. One of my favorite things to do after a show is to set goals and figure out my next steps. Some of the goals I’ve set post show have been doing photo shoots, submitting photos/stories to magazines, applying for sponsorships and planning another show to compete in. Following a reverse diet is also a HUGE part of staying healthy after a show. Post show is tough for a lot of competitors, but it’s so important to stay on track with your diet and workouts to beat the post show blues. One of the most important things my coach taught me is that your competition body is “rented”; it is not yours to keep year round. You need to love yourself at all stages of your journey and understand that it isn’t healthy to have that low of body fat year round. Stepping on stage itself is such a massive accomplishment that anyone should be proud of whether they place or not. If you go into a show knowing that you did everything you possibly could and worked hard, then you should be incredibly happy with yourself!