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1 . A strong bounding digital pulse- to know if your horse ’ s pulse is “ bounding ” you ’ l l need to get to know what is normal for your horse . Typically , when feeling down the back of your horse ’ s fetlock you will feel a very faint pulse or none at all . If you feel a strong pulse in only one foot , other lameness could be to blame , but a bounding pulse in both legs could spell trouble .
2 . Hot feet for hours- a healthy horse ’ s feet can be hot to the touch on a warm day , but when the hooves feel hot for hours even when the temperature outside is below 77 ° F ( 25 ° C ), that ’ s a sign they could be getting laminitis . Lameness can follow quickly after this temperature increase- sometimes within eight to twelve hours .
3 . Distorted Hoof Shape or Rings- a radical change in the hoof shape or a curving up of the horse ’ s toe are advanced signs that laminitis has taken place . A more subtle change may be observed in the growth rings that are wider at the heel than at the toe ( where damage has taken place ). Rings that curve upward can proceed lameness by months or even years and are good indicators that growth has been compromised at the horse ’ s toe .
4 . Too little or too much foot liftingone type of laminitis can be brought on by an injury , causing the horse to bear more weight on the one “ good ” leg creating supporting limb laminitis . Or a horse may shift his weight excessively , changing his stance every three to five minutes , looking for relief from the discomfort .
5 . Stretched or leaning stance- when the pain of the front feet increases , the horse will begin to shift his weight back on his haunches along with stretching his legs out in front of him in the classic laminitis pose .
6 . Stretching and / or bleeding laminaea gap becomes visible along the white line of the horse ’ s hoof when the laminae start to separate from the hoof wall . You can see evidence of this when your farrier trims your horses feet . You might even see spots of blood in the white line when you pickup your horse ’ s feet . This is a sure sign of laminitis as the laminae are hemorrhaging . Internal stretching between the external hoof wall and the front of the coffin bone may also be taking place .
7 . Shortened stride- Stride changes are more obvious on hard surfaces and not many other conditions will make a horse lame on a circle at the walk . Know your horse ’ s normal stride and you ’ ll recognize when those steps get shorter . Watch for signs of pain when the horse turns at the walk ( pinning ears or reluctance to move ).
8 . Increased insulin levels- to verify if you horse has a problem , an oral glucose test can be performed where the horse is given a weight-calculated dose of corn syrup , which causes his insulin levels to spike . In healthy horses these levels should return to normal within 60 to 90 minutes . An insulin-resistant horse will take much longer . These horses need restricted grass intake and low-sugar diets combined with plenty of exercise .
9 . Obesity- An obese horse is more likely to be insulin resistant . Obese horse ’ s feet obviously bear more weight which contributes to the changes in hoof shape . Owners can be in denial that their horse is overweight and don ’ t realize they are overfeeding . Take a good look at your horse and change his diet and exercise schedule accordingly .
Colts : ~ 2015 Leopard Appaloosa – by LEM Ruler ’ s Hawkeye x leopard mare
– AMHA / AMHR ~ 2016 Black Semi Leopard – by LEM Ruler ’ s Hawkeye x appaloosa
Wittmaaks Mickey Mouse granddaughter
~ 2016 Bay Silver Dapple Blanket – by AF Winterhawk – fewspot by LEM Rulers Hawkeye x Wittmaaks Mickey Mouse daughter who is out of an appaloosa mare
Photos by Liz Cruber McMillian
LUV EM MINIS RULERS HAWKEYE Wittmaak ’ s Mickey Mouse Grandson – 31 ” — Double Registered
Fillies : ~ 2013 Black Frosted – will probably spot with maturity , has mottling – x buckskin Gold Melody Boy bred Top Ten Producer ~ 2014 Bay with mottling – full sister to above mare
Complete Sales List Upon Request – Prices Start At $ 750
ALAMEDA FARM was the final home for WITTMAAK ’ S MICKEY MOUSE and JOHNSTON ’ S GOLD BAR – GOLD MELODY BOY sons . We retained many fine sons and daughters . Other bloodlines include the Kahoka Palominos , Van Lo Overos , Winks and Gold Melody Boy appaloosas .
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