2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues October/November 2016 Vol 32 No 5 - Page 89

What was the biggest disappointment you have experienced with one of your horses? When you own and show horses there will be disappointments. We choose to see each one as a learning experience. Who is your favorite horse and your favorite horse show to attend? My favorite horse is our current show gelding Sierra Dawn Unos Bugattie. His versatility and quirky personality make him a fun and challenging partner. Still spunky for being 17 years old and he still loves to show. Rebecca says, “You’ve been warned, training and daily care can be monotonous and boring! But the steps of the daily routine are necessary to build a horse that can perform on this level. My typical day starts at dawn with feeding the horses. I closely monitor their diets and look closely at each horse, every day, making changes here and there to keep them at right body condition. The halter horses are put in neck sweats and trotted for up to 20 minutes. They then stand tied to finish the sweat. I do this four times a week. The performance routine varies from day to day (and I’m still learning and adding new activities). The hunter and jumping horses are lunged or free lunged over trot poles, cavaletties, and jumps two times a week. We practice a full course of jumps once a week. Our absolute favorite show is the Central Regional Championship Show. Due to my work, we are unable to attend the entire World show. We are usually only there for the Amateur days and then have to get back home. At the Central show we can enjoy the entire show and all it has to offer. Do you enjoy halter and performance classes?  And do you have a favorite class? I enjoy showing in both halter and performance, but my favorite class is Driving. I guess it because it’s the most like riding a horse. The amazing strength and movement a Miniature exhibits in the cart is such an adrenaline rush for me. I’ve enjoyed driving more than I ever did riding a horse. The obstacle horses are worked on a course twice per week where I incorporate obstacle maneuvers (pivots, backing, side passing etc.) into the daily routine. Example: Do a pivot from grooming rack, trot to the stall and back into the stall. The driving horse’s routine varies depending on their level of training. I will either ground drive, (work in bitting rig) or drive them in cart from three to six times a week. We end each day with feeding and neck wraps on again for the halter horses.” What advice would you give someone whose goal is to follow in your footsteps and win a Super Amateur title? You do need to search or train the right halter AND performance horse to be successful in both divisions. Be sure to designate your best classes with the show management prior to the start of the show so that all your points count. Then forget about the points chase… just go show your horse and have Fun! O C TO B E R / N O V E M B E R 2016 Miniature Horse World 87