2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues October/November 2016 Vol 32 No 5 - Page 60

mini scoop From Belinda Bagby, via Facebook In Memoriam Joe Spino I just wanted to let some of you that have been around as long or longer than I, know that my best friend Cheryl Belcher called today to let me know that her Dad Joe Spino went to be with his Lord today. For those that did not know Joe, he and Alfred Glass were some of the ones that helped in getting the AMHA Minis known throughout the U.S. They started training under the name S & G Miniatures, in Ocala Florida, (they had been very active in Paint horses prior) later they moved to Whitesboro, Texas and took over the training and management of the very well known, NFC FARM, Home of Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King. They hosted some of the industrys first Top Production Sales in the history of AMHA for owners Bob and Sandy Erwin, with some horses bringing well over $150,000.00 (just a little of the old history). Joe and Al moved to Chapel Hill, Tennessee where they retired. My thoughts are with Cheryl and her sister Val Spino Raitz, along with his son and many grand children. 1986 National Grand Champion Stallion Owner- Sandy Erwin, Trainer- Joe Spino Tony Greaves - They were very special and wonderful friends! Our love to Cheryl and all the family. They helped set the standard for both Miniature breeding and showing. Wade Burns - So very sorry for the loss of Joe, friends of many years and did lots together in the early days. Joe was also one of the first to start a Miniature horse syndicate with the stallion, Flying W Farms Little Blue and he also owned the great, Roan Ranger. There was a day when he and Al were the very TOP in Miniatures. Cheryl has always been a special friend and she and her Dad were always very close. Sami Scheuring - My heart breaks a little to hear this news. Many wonderful times were spent with my dear friends Al and Joe. Rest in Peace Joe. My love to you Al. 1986 National Grand Champion Roadster (open, gentleman, ladies and youth)-Flying W Farms Moonlight Bay- Joe Spino at the whip. 58 Miniature Horse World O C TO B E R / N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 6