2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues October/November 2016 Vol 32 No 5 - Page 6

Miniature Horse World The Official Publication Of The American Miniature Horse Association editor’s notes by Melissa Powell I s it just me, or doesn’t it seem that the whole world is holding its breath until the US presidential election is completed? Whatever the outcome, life will go on regardless. Life at the AMHA office this time of year has been running at a frantic pace. We are swamped with show results, horse paperwork, deadlines looming and with just a few short weeks to “make it all happen” there’s not much time for politics or popularity contests. During this time of collective breathholding, many of you have been preparing for the biggest challenge of your lives as well. With Fort Worth, Texas in your sights, you’ve worked toward having your horse and yourself fit and ready for the stiff competition that is expected at the 2016 World Show. Most likely, each of you could not have come this far without the support of the breeders, barn help, farriers, vets, friends and family who have helped you accomplish the feat of being prepared and ready for this challenge. When I recently came across this statement from Author Unknown, I knew it was a must share. Hug your horse Go hug your horse. Someone probably loved a mare, and carefully chose a sire. Someone devoted their life to a stallion they believed in. Someone chose to help mares make babies for a living. Someone sat up all night for who knows how long to help your horse into the world, and someone kissed that wet nose. Someone put on the first halter, picked up the first hoof, gave the first bath, and fitted its first show halter. It took a lot of hearts to carry your horse to you. They gave many moments of their lives, many breaths, many stomped toes and broken boards. Hug your horse for them. They did it believing in your horse’s future, so make it a good one. As is typical for this October/November issue, it’s our largest of the year, and it’s packed wi