2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues October/November 2016 Vol 32 No 5 - Page 16

treasurer’s report by Heather Ward W e have completed the first eight months of the fiscal year and our loss for that period is about $91,000 which is about $27,000 more than budgeted for the period. While the eight month loss is $9,000 less than the loss for the same period in 2015 the losses continue to be a problem needing to be regularly addressed by your Board of Directors. As previously stated, the key financial impact items continue to be registrations, membership and our Miniature Horse World magazine. Our registrations are showing a modest increase from last year and hopefully there will be more positive results in the last four month of the year from the Hardship Program, the Amnesty Program and NonMember Fees. The Hardship Program for AMHR permanent registered five year old horses is providing some income for us but not at the rate that was anticipated in the budget. There have been some preliminary discussions as to possibly proposing an expansion to the program and presenting it to the members for voting at the Annual Meeting in February. The current Amnesty Program allows horses that have had their registration revoked to be brought from Temporary to Permanent without the owner being penalized and a coupon is on the website for members to take advantage of and bring their horses current. As well, there are Non-Member fees available in order that sold horses can continue to be brought permanent, new ownership and from stallion to gelding. We are hoping this will keep more horses current and avoid them being revoked as well as provide some amount of revenue to AMHA, so please pass on that information to your purchasers. Our Miniature Horse World magazine is a beautiful, informative magazine but like many other publications has declined in net revenues over the past several years and is currently down about $22,000 from budget. There are several proposals being considered by the Board of Directors, basically to reduce the number of printed publication from six to four per year and using digital versions to cover the other two issues. We certainly would hope that members support this initiative to reduce our expenditures. The good news, and there actually is good news in the near future of our organization, the Regional Championship shows were very successful and our incredible, Laura Mullen did an amazing job, not just improving on last year but showing the highest net profit for these shows in the past ten years. Hopefully, this bodes well for our World Show where there are all kinds of activities planned and meet and greets with our amazing President Joe Kahre and many Board members as well. We are also very close to launching the Super Mini Benefits Program which will be a great benefit attached to membership in AMHA. It has taken a huge amount of effort to get this accomplished and we owe a huge “thank you” to Randy Perdue for all he has done to make it a reality. Exciting news should be coming soon! 14 Miniature Horse World O C TO B E R / N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 6