2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues October/November 2016 Vol 32 No 5 - Page 159

Some of Dale’s favored appearances include the 44th Grand National in California, Calgary Stampede in Canada, the Cotton Bowl Parade in Texas, the St. Patricks in St. Louis, MO, the Tulip Time in Michigan, the Southwestern International Livestock Show and countless others. The eight Mini horse hitch pulled a scaled down version of a hitch wagon typically used for large draft horses. Emblazoned with the pizza chain’s logo, the hitch soon became Domino’s most effective advertising tool. Crowds went wild when the minis raced into the arena, galloping at full speed with manes and tails flying, their little hooves kicking up clouds of dust. They made spectacular entrances and thrilled children and adults alike everywhere they went. Oh, the places he’s seen Dale crisscrossed the country, pulling the team of Miniatures in the modified Ford F-700 truck and customized 42-foot trailer. The mini teams appeared in 47 states and were booked at nearly every rodeo and parade imaginable. Personal appearan