2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 84

Separate non-member fees are listed in the AMHA Rule Book for these items. Doing business is defined as: any monetary transaction made directly with AMHA for goods and/or services with the exception of Miniature Horse World advertising and non-member Amateur cards. Article VI, Sec 4 G – Presiding Officer Submitted by: Bob Kane Page 19 #1633 The presiding Officer of the Annual or any special meeting shall not may exercise his/her right as a voting member on all balloted voting issues. The presiding Officer in all other voting issues will only vote except in the case of a tie, or in situations either to create or break a tie, the presiding Officer may exercise his/her right as a voting member to vote or not to vote. Note: All deletions will be strikethrough & changes will be indicated by Bold & underlined print. The number on the right side of the page is for identification purposes only. 2016 Show Rules AMENDMENTS The following amendments are for review in 2016. These will be reviewed by the Board in July. WS-010-B Location and Date Page 165 Submitted by: Long Range Planning Committee Mike Griggs #1601 The World Championship Show shall be held in the United States Central (Regions 6,7,12,13) section of North America. The World Championship Show site shall be selected based upon criteria including but not limited to enclosed and covered areas; enclosed stalls sufficient in number to meet the current needs of the Association; close proximity of hotels, restaurants, availability, cost , quality, features, etc. WS-030 Classes Submitted by: Performance Committee Add: 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. Amateur Amateur Amateur Amateur Amateur Amateur Page 173 #1604 Ladies’ Classic Pleasure Driving Gentleman’s Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies’ Country Pleasure Driving Gentleman’s Country Pleasure Driving Ladies’ Single Pleasure Driving Gentleman’s Single Pleasure Driving CL 030 K – Driving Class General Rules Submitted by: Performance Committee Page 110 #1605 K. When using a leverage bit (Gig, Liverpool, Buxton, etc) shown below are the acceptable rein positions, excluding the multiple hitch classes. Unacceptable rein position is a disqualification for the class. Martingales are prohibited with leverage bits. No curb chains allowed. CL-040 Roadster Driving Submitted by: Performance Committee Page 116 #1607 The depiction and descriptive paragraph are to be used to define the “ideal” roadster horse and are in no way intended to eliminate horses not capable of the ideal. 82 Miniature Horse World D E C E M B E R 2 0 16