2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 77

WORLD Championship Show Results Class 136: WEANLING AND YEARLING GELDINGS (7 Entries) CHAMPION: STARS IDOLS ROCK IT, CARLEE E DUPUY RESERVE: JSW EPICS SKY HAWKK, JONATHAN S. WHITT, JSW FARM 3rd WINNING STREAKS MASQUERADE, DAWN M. HENRICH 4th RFM GENESES STARMAKER, TONI REECE, REECE MINIATURE HORSES 5th BLACK MOUNTAIN KINGSTON MR REGGAE, TRACY OR HALEY YOST 6th POCO DE ORO PEPITOS PICASSO, BARBARA OR JOHN HIBBARD 7th EF VICTORIOUS VELVET PRINCE, ANDREW MUELLER Class 137: TWO-YEAR-OLD GELDINGS (7 Entries) CHAMPION: RAVENWOOD THE CHIPS ARE IN, POLLY WEISBERG OR ANN DWYER RESERVE: LM IDOLS HEZA HAWK STAR, REBECCA MYERS OR J MYERS OR L HAWKINS 3rd LM IDOLS HAWKS COUTURE, ADELYN OR AVERY OR J ROWLAND & C NELSON 4th ALLIANCE BOLEROS AMADOR, MIKE HLAVATOVIC, ALLIANCE MINIATURES 5th BOLERO EL DOMINGO OF PANORAMA, CATHY FATIGATI, PANORAMA 6th SRF GOLDEN HEIR, ROGER T. SLOBODY, SAWMILL STUD 7th WINNING STREAKS REGAL MAGIC, MARCY MUSCOLO Class 138: COUNTRY PLEASURE DRIVING 32 & UNDER (13 Entries) CHAMPION: GANDER HILL CALIFORNIA COVER GIRL, LYNN GULLEDGEFATALE OR YVETTE G. MOONEY RESERVE: CENTURY FARMS OUTRAGEOUS, TRACI A SCHLICK 3rd DAYSPRING STAR OF THE MORNING, BRITTANY L MITCHELL 4th BIGLEAPS SLICKS SONORA SUNRISE, JANICE L. KIELER, BIGLEAP RANCH 5th NWR JOHNNY ROCKET, LONNIE PERDUE, NEW WEST RANCH 6th MTC EASTER BUCK, KATHY COURTNEY & ANNA PISARSKI 7th CIRCLE J GOLDEN PHOENIX, KARRIE LYNN HOKE 8th SAMIS EXOTIC DANCER, CASSIDY M. BLANTON 9th VINTAGE FARMS ONE LAST DANCE, STEPHANIE ABBOTT & KINLEY PRITT 10th VERSATILITY FARMS WHITE KNIGHT, ASHLEY HARRIS, VERSATIL %QdI4€˜QI%9%9) ±…ΝΜ€ΔΜδθ1%L 1MM% A1MUII%Y%9€ ΜȁΉΡΙ₯•Μ€) !5A%=8θ€%5IeMQ=]85 I5d°%19=HAU0QI@)IMIYθ€$9H!%10 1%=I9%L=1IUM ° I%QQ9d05%Q !10(Νɐ€$)5 I= %8!==L1%11d° 5%11 =11=H99%L =11(ΡΡ €$)M  I,9 8EU8°59 9Q=8(ΥΡ €$)) \ U -L I=9iQ<AI Q%=8°I  (Έ-11d(ΩΡ €$)I0M< %P°Q!IM IMQ8=H!1d IMQ8(έΡ €$MQILQ!%=0°5%-=H11%M=8I=MUH°MQIL)5%9%QUIL(αΡ €$)=, dI=UY11d%Q%=8°1%M=H-%Q  I=MQ(εΡ €%)MI5L%QL 8A1MUI°5%M=8!=11d(ΔΑΡ €$)M5%L =5%8Q !° I=0Έ1%5=H  -dI58((ΘΐΔΨ()½ΙЁ]½ΙΡ °Q•α…Μ() ±…ΝΜ€ΔΠΐθM%91A1MUII%Y%91%9L€ άΉΡΙ₯•Μ€) !5A%=8θ€$1=LI =1L%=1L!%PAI°A=11d]%M I=H5%-)I=MUH)IMIYθ€$ 1MM% Y%]LMQ=I4 1=U°!Q!H15%I(Νɐ€$)M5%LM%MY=d°I=8=HM5$M !UI%9€˜ !I%L 19Q=8(ΡΡ €$(έL9M!Y%11LI9°I=8=H-%4 1=U (ΥΡ €$I0Y=1Q%IL9% ,=Q%5°I90A=IQH=H5IIP)A=IQH°1 !UIMP5%9%(ΩΡ €$1e%9Q%0I4=IP59=P° ==HM!I=8!=UM1d°)9QM%I4(έΡ €$) %I 1)ii58°1%9LΈ91M=8) ±…ΝΜ€ΔΠΘθ =U9QIdA1MUII%Y%9=YH€ΜȁQ<€ΜΠ€ ΘāΉΡΙ₯•Μ€) !5A%=8θ€%5%9%5=Q%=8 ==0!91U-°I19Q= I%L)IMIYθ€$M4!%10M!=\ U -LD°)]111e98%1d(Νɐ€$)I LU9%MAUQ =\%I0°5I%ΈA=]10(ΡΡ €$)M]PIY9°%19=HAU0QI@(ΥΡ €$)!U9QI IId!%10)ML5IY1=UL°-e =H)Ud1U9(ΩΡ €$)5I5LQ5AMPMQ=I4°-Q!d =UIQ9d€˜99A%MIM-$(έΡ €$-9%!QL1%QQ158°I=8=HM5$M !UI%9°M5%L1%0)!=IMI9 (αΡ €$ =e=Q I-LM IAdI° =I A15H=HUMQ%8) I1U9(εΡ €$)M%1YH5=]L %995=8Q=AL°1%9LΈ91M=8(ΔΑΡ €$) 1MM% Y%]LMQ=I5d U ,°I=8=H-%4 1=U ) ±…ΝΜ€ΔΠΠθ9Q159LI=MQH€ ΰΉΡΙ₯•Μ€) !5A%=8θ€$1=LI =1L%=1L!%PAI°A=11d]%M I=H5%-)I=MUH)IMIYθ€$9]HA=QId%8I!eQ!4°1e98 =]8 UI9!4(Νɐ€$1e%9Q%0I4=IP59=P° ==HM!I=8!=UM1d°)9QM%I4(ΡΡ €$M%1YH5=]L= 8° 1%9Q=8)UId=H-I%MQ%9)M1= =d(ΥΡ €$)M5%LQI%A=1$° !I%MQ=A!H 19Q=8€˜ MM%d 19Q=8(ΩΡ €$)9]HQI%A1A1d° I==-=H1e98AIM1d(έΡ €$)AAd=]9L5I1%8°Y% -$-%11=%0(αΡ €$ 1H I==-L ,QUI%8MQe1° QQd=H5%- U% )=H-Q%]QIL) ±…ΝΜ€ΔΠΤθ]91%95IL€Θά€˜U9H€ ΔЁΉΡΙ₯•Μ€) !5A%=8θ€%11%9  =1I=L = <°]8€˜Q=9d1)IMIYθ€$MQILQI%9!],°5%-=H11%M=8I=MUH(Νɐ€$)M%1YH\M]PM1M 11° II%0]1I=8(ΡΡ €$!=A-%9L91% %5° I=H I!=A-%9L°!=A-%9L)!Y9M9P5%9%QUI(ΥΡ €$1=! IL !I5 dQ!1%Q°L1 IUQ !%1=H)I= IP-%IM (ΩΡ €$I L9 d!],%8Q! U°Q=9$I =H9%11)!%10°I 5%9%QUI!=IM(έΡ €$)1=! IL9=8I=M°LΈ1 IUQ !%1°1=! IL(αΡ €$A 8!=11=]L =1I=L1eMM°5% !0=H I=0) I9P(εΡ €$ 5 ) = LI4 =5QIU°5I%)M!%1L=HQIM-)QUM!H(ΔΑΡ €$)!%11L5I% 8!=9d°9%11!%10€˜ I%8!%10) ±…ΝΜ€ΔΠΨθ]91%95IL=YH€Θ܁Q<€Μΐ€ ΔЁΉΡΙ₯•Μ€) !5A%=8θ€%11%9 %9 9%=LMQ%8=10°5%-=HQIId!1YQ=Y% )IMIYθ€$%I]QILQ- !I55°]II8M11]===H) I9M11]==(Νɐ€$)1=! ILM!1%QL%PU@° =99%!Q (ΡΡ €$)14!]-L%Q1%%=0°I !0I]%8(ΥΡ €$I49ML 1ML P°Q=9$I =H9%11!%10°I )5%9%QUI!=IM(ΩΡ €$)A 8!=11=]L =1I=LA%°5% !0=H I=0 I9P(έΡ €$!=A-%9LM=A!%MQ% Q%5° I=H I!=A-%9L°)!=A-%9L!Y9M9P5%9%QUI(αΡ €$ 5 ) = L%9IM9@°)=!8 99QP=H)99%H) 99QP(εΡ €$I=4!%10I5L1LM]PI4°1%9 1I-)9IM=8°I=4!%10I4) 4H€ΘΐΔΨ()5₯Ή₯…ΡΥΙ”!½ΙΝ”]½Ι±€άΤ((