2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 - Page 65

WORLD Championship Show Results 7th FIRST KNIGHTS ONCE UPON A DREAM, Shown by MARIXI M. MALEK 8th QF ZURIELLE DI DOMINUS, Shown by JESSICA MYERS 9th JCW BUCKS BRONZED TO PERFECTION, Shown by CIARA’SHEA K THOMPSON 10th LOVETT FARMS LOOK WHOS HAWKING NOW, Shown by JILLIAN F LOVETT Class 13: YOUTH SPECIAL NEEDS SHOWMANSHIP (3 Entries) CHAMPION: KAMERON M WELMA, Showing WILD OAKS BLAZING HOT RESERVE: LEVI B KENNEDY, Showing MINIHEAVEN CINNAMON SWIRL 3rd JOHN CLEY M MARTIN, Showing FOUR J ANGELS N THE INFIELD Class 14: YOUTH OWNED TRAINED & EXHIBITED ROADSTER (5 Entries) CHAMPION: JF NASHVILLE ELEGANCE, Shown by MOLLIE L. BURGIN RESERVE: QUINTESSA RADIANTE CARUSO, Shown by JESSICA MYERS 3rd OAK GROVE LEGENDS BORN TO RUN, Shown by DEVLIN T NEWNHAM 4th ALOHA ACRES DEW YA DREAM, Shown by TATUM M BASISTA 5th LA VISTA ALLURE BY M G, Shown by BRIDGET AUTUMN YATES Class 15: YOUTH PLEASURE DRIVING 7 AND UNDER (6 Entries) CHAMPION: ERL SO BE IT, Shown by MADDISON L HAMMOND RESERVE: VINTAGE FARMS ONE LAST DANCE, Shown by KINLEY M PRITT 3rd OCEANSEAST BOSTON FOG, Shown by MATTHEW LOGAN WELLS 4th JONES BLUE BOYS JUSTATHRILLER, Shown by RYLEE A PETRILLI 5th SRF JUBILATION, Shown by DYLAN WARRENFELTZ 6th ALLIANCE TAITTINGER, Shown by GRACIE J KACHURIAK Class 16: YOUTH SHOWMANSHIP 13 TO 18 (18 Entries) CHAMPION: BRIDGET AUTUMN YATES, Showing LA VISTA ALLURE BY M G RESERVE: HEATHER C BOLTON, Showing BAR NS FULL MOON FANDANGO 3rd EMILY C ANENBERG, Showing HCM WAR PAINTS INDEPENDENCE BAY 4th MARIXI M. MALEK, Showing FOUR J GABBRIELLA 5th JESSICA MYERS, Showing PURA VIDAS SIGNATURE SILVER DOLLAR 6th BROOKE WOOD, Showing BAR NS EXXXTREME MOON 7th AVERY C. ROWLAND, Showing STAR VALLEYS DAYDREAM BELIEVER 8th MELISSA OPIE, Showing WINNING STREAKS GOT MAGIC 9th SOPHIE B SACHTLEBEN, Showing CLASSIC VIEWS BEAUTY QUEEN 10th OLIVIA PAULINE TUCKER, Showing OAK BAY BURNISHED EDITION Class 17: YOUTH SHOWMANSHIP 8 TO 12 (14 Entries) CHAMPION: HALEY M CARSTEN, Showing BAR NS EXXXTREME MOON RESERVE: GRACIE R MCBRIDE, Showing SHADOW BOXS RICOCHET 3rd TATUM M BASISTA, Showing ALOHA ACRES DEW YA DREAM 4th SYDNEE FAILLA, Showing PICTURE PERFECT HONOLULU HONEY 5th SHELBY D FAILLA, Showing ALPHA & OMEGA STORMYS HERO 6th TYLER Z CAROTHERS, Showing BELLS EGYPTIAN RUMBLE 7th SADIE B SACHTLEBEN, Showing HCM WAR PAINTS SUNDANCE KID 8th BELLA C WALKER, Showing RIVENBURGHS MINI ME OF CHEROKEE 9th KAYLA N BAKER, Showing BARB DESTINYS OVER THE RAINBOW 10th KYLIE L CHAMBERS, Showing ALL WRIGHTS PEPPY PIPPIN Class 18: YOUTH SHOWMANSHIP 7 AND UNDER (7 Entries) CHAMPION: MCKINNA LYNNE MARTIN, Showing FOUR J ANGELS N THE INFIELD RESERVE: KINLEY M PRITT, Showing VINTAGE FARMS ONE LAST DANCE 3rd SHEPHERD SACHTLEBEN, Showing CLASSIC VIEWS BEAUTY QUEEN 4th FAITH M BOWEN, Showing SHADOW BOXS RICOCHET 5th SOPHIE G DUMAS, Showing BARB DESTINYS OVER THE RAINBOW 6th MADDISON L HAMMOND, Showing ERL SO BE IT 7th DREW BARNETT, Showing LUCKY FOUR IMPRESSIVE MONTEREY RESERVE: 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 2016 Fort Worth, Texas CALLOWAYS HELLO DOLLY, Shown by SARAH C BENTON ROGERS HSR SIR WINSALOT, Shown by REBECCA MYERS COYOTE CREEKS SCRAPY RED, Shown by AUSTIN BERGLUN ) H9LU105==899<°M¡½Ý¸‰ä!Q!H  =1Q=8)9]H)=!99dI= -P°M¡½Ý¸‰ä I%PUQU58eQL) 1=YL= M<9= 1°M¡½Ý¸‰ä)MM% 5eIL)Q=<==Q< QIU°M¡½Ý¸‰ä1%11%8=I)%IMP-9%!QL19Id% =8°M¡½Ý¸‰ä5I%a$4¸51,)=, d UI9%M!%Q%=8°M¡½Ý¸‰ä=1%Y%AU1%9QU -H() ±…Í̀ÈÄèe=UQ €àQ<€Äȁ]%Q M9%=H1%9€ Äā¹ÑÉ¥•Ì¤) !5A%=8è€%11%9 Q%QQ%9H°M¡½Ý¸‰ä !I1%- !UI%,)IMIYè€$MI1%Q=H°M¡½Ý¸‰ä-1 d]II91Qh(Íɐ€$)1H!99MMeL5H %10°M¡½Ý¸‰ä!1d4 IMQ8(ÑÑ €$)1=LI =1L%=1L!%PAI°M¡½Ý¸‰ä I1UAUd(ÕÑ €$)! 4]HA%9QLMU99 -%°M¡½Ý¸‰äM%M !Q1 8(ÙÑ €$)1=! IL\eI4°M¡½Ý¸‰äQQU44 M%MQ(ÝÑ €$(Äā ILM!<5Q!5=9d°M¡½Ý¸‰ä I8 I9QP(áÑ €$)1e%9Q%0I4=IP59=P°M¡½Ý¸‰äQ=55d(e=MP(åÑ €$))=9L 1U =eL)UMQQ!I%11H°M¡½Ý¸‰ä-%1e8LAQI%11$(ÄÁÑ €$)I=e1QeLMPU4=8%I°M¡½Ý¸‰ä1Y$-99d) ±…Í̀ÈÈèe=UQ €Ä́9=YH]%Q M9%=H1%9€ Äà¹ÑÉ¥•Ì¤) !5A%=8è€%MQH1-LI=e055QP°M¡½Ý¸‰äQ!81]%L)IMIYè€$!U9QI IId!%10UI 8%Q%=8°M¡½Ý¸‰äYId ¸)I=]19(Íɐ€%]%99%9MQI-L5% 5AI=H°M¡½Ý¸‰ä9Q1%A!%11%AL(ÑÑ €$) =e=Q I-LM IAdI°M¡½Ý¸‰äUMQ%8 I1U9(ÕÑ €$)1=5 IL 9%89=IQ!I81%!P°M¡½Ý¸‰ä51%MM=A%(ÙÑ €$) 1=Y IQ%=9L !=M8=9°M¡½Ý¸‰ä)MM% 5eIL(ÝÑ €$)14%=1L=a%I!],°M¡½Ý¸‰ä585!=9d(áÑ €$)MI1%Q=H°M¡½Ý¸‰ä)%11%81=YQP(åÑ €$)1H!99MMeL5H %10°M¡½Ý¸‰ä I==-]==(ÄÁÑ €$) H9LU105==899<°M¡½Ý¸‰ä!Q!H  =1Q=8) ±…Í̀ÈÌèe=UQ €Ü€˜U9H]%Q M9%=H1%9€ ÄÀ¹ÑÉ¥•Ì¤) !5A%=8è€%14%=1L=a%I!],°M¡½Ý¸‰ä5QQ!\1=8]11L)IMIYè€$11%9 Q%QQ%9H°M¡½Ý¸‰äI %(- !UI%,(Íɐ€$)1H!99MMeL5H %10°M¡½Ý¸‰ä5%M=80!55=9(ÑÑ €$) =9IL10U8]%Q IU1L°M¡½Ý¸‰ä)=I8(!9I% (ÕÑ €$)MI1%Q=H°M¡½Ý¸‰äe18]II91Qh(ÙÑ €$))=9L 1U =eL)UMQQ!I%11H°M¡½Ý¸‰äIe1AQI%11$(ÝÑ €$! 4]HA%9QLMU99 -%°M¡½Ý¸‰äM!A!I)M !Q1 8(áÑ €$(Äā ILM!<5Q!5=9d°M¡½Ý¸‰äI\ I9QP(åÑ €$]%iILMA10I=]d1U -d€ÐM!Q=8°M¡½Ý¸‰äM=A!%)U5L(ÄÁÑ €$)M!=\ =aLI% = !P°M¡½Ý¸‰ä%Q 4 =]8) ±…Í̀ÈÐèe=UQ =]9QI%9€˜a!% %Q 1MM% A1MUI)I%Y%9€ à¹ÑÉ¥•Ì¤) !5A%=8è€%M  I,9 8EU8°M¡½Ý¸‰äMI   9Q=8)IMIYè€$1Y%MQ11UI d4°M¡½Ý¸‰ä I%PUQU58eQL(Íɐ€$)1% IQeLI=]d5%I 1°M¡½Ý¸‰ä5=11%0¸ UI%8(ÑÑ €$)MI)U %1Q%=8°M¡½Ý¸‰ä-1 d]II91Qh(ÕÑ €$)I%Y9 UI!L5%9$5= !I=-°M¡½Ý¸‰ä 11 ]1-H(ÙÑ €$)ILI=e0MA%Q%I°M¡½Ý¸‰ä-QdIU1=Y% () ±…Í̀Ääèe=UQ M%91A1MUII%Y%9€àQ<€ÄȀ Ä¹ÑÉä¤) !5A%=8è€%1=LI =1L%=1L!%PAI°M¡½Ý¸‰ä I1UAUd) ±…Í̀ÈÀèe=UQ  =U9QIdA1MUII%Y%9€Ä̀˜=YH€ Ä܁¹ÑÉ¥•Ì¤) !5A%=8è€$!U9QI IId!%10)ML5IY1=UL°M¡½Ý¸‰äYId ¸)I=]19() 4H€ÈÀÄØ()5¥¹¥…ÑÕɔ!½É͔]½É±€ØÌ((0